Parineetii 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Rajeev fears getting caught


Parineetii 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet asks Rajeev what’s he doing in resturant? It’s couples resturant right? She thinks why didn’t he answer to her questions? He moves to random couple and ask them to say hai to her. Later Rajeev calls Monty and informs to him that Parineet is in resturant. He fears she saw him with Neeti. Monty tells him that Parineet is a silent type she will get heart attack if she find out the truth. Rajeev asks him to give some idea to solve this issue. Monty asks him Is he behaved fishy to her. He reminds how did Neeti hugged him and asks Monty to check his white shirt. He checks it and informs him that it had lipstick marks on it. Rajeev fears to get caught today. Monty gives idea to him to manage them.

Chandrika asks Simi how much time need to finish this?she wanna cook noodles for Mishika. Simi argues with her. Chandrika thinks it’s better to ask Parineet to buy noodles for Mishika from outside.

Rajeev thinks that both friends entered into his life he has no idea how to manage it. He thinks that God wanna help him to confess all truth to Parineet. Neeti comes there Rajeev takes her from thete. Neeti asks him why did he looking nervous? Is he hiding something from her? He asks her why should he? He manages to lie with her. Neeti asks him why did he got panic seeing her there? He again lies to her and pretends like flirt with her to divert the situation. Neeti asks him to come back asap and leaves. Rajeev thinks it’s hard to send Neeti back to home it’s better to send Parineet back but how?

Rajeev returns to his table lights turns off there. Kavita asks Parineet Is she find out Rajeev? She lies to her that he went to bring his friend. Kavitha asks Parineet to join with her till he come back. Vicky announces next rules of game thete. Both Rajeev and Parineet mentions same numbers in chit. Rajeev tries to leave but he stops him. They chooses Rajeev’s number to go on stage. Neeti gets a phone call so she couldn’t notice Parineet number got selected there.
Parineet helps Kavitha to pick up her chit. Neeti misunderstand Kavitha selected. Server mistakenly spills water on Neeti. She scolds him and leaves to change.

Rajeev thinks to collect award with Parineet to solve the issue and leave before Neeti returns. Neeti forgets her purse and leaves to take it back. Vicky gives awards to them and announces them as perfect couple and demands them to smile. Parineet asked him he didn’t attend it with her but they won the award. Rajeev avoided her question. Vicky asked them Is they know each other? If they don’t know them they can’t able to take this award to home. Kavitha said both are husband and wife. Rajeev noticed Neeti there and pretended like taking selfies with Parineet there. Neeti leaves from there taking her purse. Rajeev feels confused thinking whom should he convince first.

Rajeev refused to describe about his marriage life with them and took them from there. He lied to her that he has stage fear that’s why he didn’t said anything there.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will get Neeti’s call. Rajeev will notice it and snatches it from her. Parineet will ask him to stop playing with her Neeti calling her. Neeti will hear their voice and come to check them. She will look on them standing together.

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