Parineetii 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Cab Driver plans to kidnap both Rajeev and Neeti


Parineetii 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with cab Driver returns to his Taxi stand. His friends asks him why is he angry? Driver informs to them that he lied to them before how did he got hurt on his face. But two ladies beaten him and made his face in this state. He lies to them that they framed him like pervert and beaten him. He informs to them that he saw them again in wedding venue he can’t able to tolerate their happiness. His friend advises him to stop that wedding and ruin her face. Then provokes him against Neeti and Parineet.

 Later Rajeev’s friends are pulling each other legs. He shares about Parineet beauty to Rajeev he listens to them unaware she is Parineet. Meanwhile Driver and his friends enters into wedding venue disguise like servers. Driver advises his friends to abduct the bride and groom.

Later Gurpreet praises that Parineet arranged everything well. Sukhwinder too gives all credits to her. Parineet adds that she fulfilled her promise. Vicky shares what’s in his mind. Harman asks him to stop talking like this. Neeti supports Vicky by saying he used to talk like this. Someone informs them function gonna begin. Parineet asks her family members to get ready.

Parineet and Neeti are dancing together with their family members. Rajeev refuses to accompany his friends to dance reasoning one relative asked him to don’t see bride before marriage. His friends takes him from there forcefully. While dancing Neeti collides with Vicky. Both shares an eyelock and dances there.

Parineet dreams like dancing with Rajeev. Parineet and Neeti notices that Sukhwinder gets tired. Parineet leaves to check her. Cab driver notices them there. Rajeev and his friends comes there and joins with them in dance. Rajeev gets shock to find Parineet’s parents there. He leaves from there.  Sukhwinder follows him behind. Driver shares his plan with his friends how to abduct the groom and bride. He is determined to ruin their happiness.

Sukhwinder introduces Gurpreet’s family to Rajeev. While they talks with the singers Rajeev leaves from there and collied with Parineet. She doubts something fishy and leaves from there. Cab driver follows Rajeev he feels like someone following him and leaves from there. Parineet and Neeti thank god for gifting such a good friendship to them.

Later Cab driver and his friends notices Parineet with Neeti. Neeti’s friend comes there and mistakenly spills juice on stalkers. Neeti introduces her friend to Parineet. She excuses them to do the remaining arrangements. Stalkers are planning how to abduct the bride. Rajeev reaches to his room and gets nervous to get caught.

Driver gets ready to make Rajeev unconscious. They waits outside seeing him entered into bathroom. Rajeev gets nervous thinking about his marriage with Parineet. He opens the door and notices Vicky there so he hides his face asap. Vicky asks server to remove the glass. Rajeev ignores Vicky and leaves from there.

Episode end

Precap: Rajeev will announce that he can’t able to marry Neeti. He will reveal his identity to everyone. They will get shock to see Rajeev there.

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