Parineetii 24th August 2022 Written Update: Parineet’s timely help


Parineetii 24th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet informs to her family members that Sanju not attending her call. Neeti needs immediate surgery. Her uncle aaks her to take Neeti inside room. Simi thinks that she don’t have any works here and she might concentrate on her work. Parineet asks her uncle to save Neeti. Mandeep thinks that she expected a lot to do purchase with Parineet here. But this Neeti ruined everything. Because of her she is stuck in hospital. After her uncle leaves from there Rakesh checks Neeti through door. Parineet feels something suspicious and goes to check it. Rakesh hides seeing her there. Parineet thinks that she saw someone near door but no one is out. Hospital staff asks Parineet to meet doctor. Rakesh asks Mandeep to take care of Neeti and leaves. Rakesh thinks that what’s she doing inside? Mandeep leaves from there when she gets a call.

Rakesh sneaks inside the room and says to Neeti he got tired. He takes the injection in his hand and thinks once he injeects it on her then Neeti’s problems will be over forever. Rakesh asks Neeti what did she said to him? She will reveal his truth on social media and ruin his image. Is she call the reporter or he will call him. He pretended like searching for mobile to inform media people. He asks her to expose him. Parineet’s uncle comes there and notices his wife talking with someone in phone. He asks her Is they here to do shopping? Why did she talking about shopping in this situation? She demands him to bring water to her. Meanwhile Rakesh aaks Neeti doesn’t she said her Parineet will save her always. Where is she call her now. He injects poison in her vein. He thinks how will he leave her like this behind? Lets see her dying in front of him. Neeti starts react to the medicine. She struggles to breath there. Rakesh says to her good bye and tells her Parineet is his. Neeti falls down and calls for Parineet. Parineet asks her how did she fall down? She calls doctor to come asap.

Doctor comes there to check her. She finds out someone inject wrong medicine on her. She asks nurse to work on it asap. Neeti talks emotional to her. Parineet asks her to stop talking like this. Neeti falls Unconscious. Parineet asks doctor to check her. Doctor gives a treatment to her and announce to Parineet she is no more. Parineet is devasted hearing it. Doctor asks Chacha to finish the hospital formalities. Mandeep calls Neeti but she is not opening her eyes at all. Parineet cries hugging Neeti and shouts her name louder. Rakesh dreamt of this all. He appreciates his dream. Meanwhile Rakesh hears Parineet’s voice and hides under bed. Parineet finds out Mandeep is not in room. She notices thar trips not fixed well on her hand. Rakesh thinks that Parineet ruined all his plan. Harman and Mandeep comes there and tells her he went to buy water for Mandeep. Parineet brings nurse to fix the trip properly. He tells her nothing to worry. If they need anything else just call him.

Parineet shares her grief to Harman. He advises her to call him often then only he will pick up her call. Meanwhile Sanju thinks that she is angry on him for a small matter. He didn’t done big mistake to punish him like this. He decides to don’t talk with her. He changes his mind to call her. He stares his mobile and lays on bed waiting for her call. Hospital staff is cleaning there. Mandeep didn’t notice it and falls down. She argues with the cleaner for made her fall. Both ends up arguing with each other. Mandeep lashes out at him. Cleaner informs to Harman Mandeep fell down. They rushed out to check her.

Episode end

Precap; Rakesh will try to kill Neeti by pressing pillow on Neeti. Parineet will come there on time. Parineet will share to Harman that someone tried to kill Neeti. He will ask her who is it? Parineet tells him may it’s Rakesh. Sehar will alert Rakesh that Parineet finds out Rakesh whom trying to kill Neeti by checking CCTV footage.

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