Parineetii 24th January 2022 Written Update: Vishal confronts Rajeev


Parineetii 24th January 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rajeev trying to convince Vishal. Vishal lashes out at Rajeev for betraying two girls. He says that he has never seen such a selfish person like him in his life yet. Parineet comes there to support Rajeev. Vishal tells her that he is here to help her. He doesn’t know why she is supporting Rajeev, who betrayed her. He couldn’t find a reason why Neeti is better than Parineet. He chose Neeti over her? Rajeev tells him that she is pregnant. The doctor said to them that they shouldn’t share any shocking news with her. Neeti comes there. Vishal excuses them. Neeti follows him behind. Parineet asks Rajeev not to follow them.

Biji asks Chandrika to massage her leg. She says to Parminder that she may get a heir from Parineet. Parminder gets hurt when hearing it. Biji praises both of her daughters-in-law. She asks Chandrika to spend time with her husband too. She may be asking Parineet and Rajeev to give them heirs. But Chandrika married Amith before Rajeev-Parineet’s marriage. She needs a heir from her too. Chandrika blushes.

Vishal thinks, why is Neeti following him? Neeti asks Vishal what happened to him? Why is he leaving here like a thief? Vishal complaints that Sanju is a thief. Parineet tries to convince her and asks her to go inside. Neeti tells her that she won’t sit quiet if he brings Sanju into it. Vishal wishes to leave there but Neeti is not leaving him. Neeti and Vishal are arguing with each other. Parineet isn’t able to control them. She shouts at them to stop it. Parineet tells her that he is her husband. If he wants to leave, let him go. She asks her to stay away from her life. Neeti says that because of him she talked like that with her. Parineet asks Vishal to leave from there. Parineet follows her behind. Vishal feels pity for Parineet. Parineet swears to Neeti to stop there. She apologizes to her for being rude to her. Neeti assures her that she won’t poke her head in her married life. Neeti notices that Vishal is kissing a girl. Neeti hides the matter from her.

Neeti asks Parineet. Does she know Rajeev’s best friends? Parineet tells her that she doesn’t know anyone. Neeti thinks that he is a smart one. He is betraying Parineet. Rajeev comes there and inquires them what’s going on? He notices Parineet looks better. It seems everything is solved. Rajeev flirts with Neeti in front of Parineet. Parineet walks away from there in anger. Rajeev regrets hurting Parineet. Later, Parineet recalls the incident and regrets being rude to Neeti. Neeti was also worried about Parineet. Parineet thinks that she shouldn’t have scolded her like that. She is pregnant. She hurt herself. Neeti thinks that Parineet is right. She is out of control today. She created a scene there. She shouldn’t have overreacted there. Parineet cries in guilt. She wanted to give happiness to Neeti but she was betraying her. Meanwhile, Neeti wishes to find the truth. Rajeev betrayed Parineet with someone else. Rajeev comes there and tries to romance her. But Neeti ignores him. Rajeev doubts that something is going on her mind. He wanted to ask Parineet about it.

Rajeev asks Parineet what happened to Neeti? Parineet narrates everything to him. He understands the reason behind Neeti’s dull mood. Parineet requests him to console her. Neeti returns there. Rajeev asks her what happened to her? Neeti tells him that she wants to solve Parineet’s problems with Rajeev. But she couldn’t control her anger. Rajeev advises her to stop poking her head at other matters. Neeti tells him that she is over protective in Parineet’s matter. She is not able to see someone hurting Parineet. He consoles her. Meanwhile, Gurpreet wishes to talk with Parineet. She doubts maybe Rajeev feels uncomfortable with her. She convinces herself that Rajeev won’t think like that. She knocks on their door. Babli notices her and inquires her why she is disturbing them. Gurpreet tells her that she can’t spend time with Parineet. Rajeev hears her voice. Neeti asks Sanju what he is doing there? Gurpreet hears her voice.

Episode end

Precap; Gurpreet will ask Parineet: Isn’t she a daughter in law of this house? Why is she staying in the guest room? Later, Gurpreet will inform Biji that she is waiting to see her heir. Gurinder will inform her that Parineet is not able to give a heir to her

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