Parineetii 25th July 2022 Written Update: Neeti spots Rajeev and Pari at the same place!


Parineetii 25th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajeev telling Parineeti how he is not hiding anything and she needs to trust him. Parineeti thinks maybe he is right and he shouldn’t think I am here to follow her. Rajeev pretends to greet all the couples. Rajeev takes Pari inside and says your thinking that I am cheating on you as this is a couple event but I am helping my friend here to organize this event, but I understand your worry. Pari thinks I am so wrong, I love Rajeev he is just helping his friend.

Pari says I trust you, I am sorry. Rajeev thinks thank god I handled it rightly. Rajeev gives drinks to Pari. He sees a waiter and remembers he dropped drinks on Neeti so he plans to make the drinks fall on him so that he can escape from here. Meanwhile, Pari says should we go? Rajeev says you go Mishika must be waiting for you. The waiter comes and by mistake the drink falls on Pari.

 Pari says no issues I will wash it. Pari goes to washroom. Rajeev worries thinking god is not with me today, my both wives are best friends and they share everything even the same husband. Pari goes inside. She goes to washroom while Neeti is in another washroom. Neeti comes out and a lady gives a small baby to handle. Neeti offers to help.

Later, Pari comes out of washroom. Rajeev comes and says I am sorry Pari, you were right, I did a big mistake. Pari thinks that means I was right about that girl. Pari says what are you saying? Rajeev says I know you got to know it all but want to know it from me, I will tell you but you promise me you won’t leave me. Pari thinks you cheated me so I will not forgive you.

Pari says tell me first. Rajeev thinks I should tell and clear the thing. Rajeev says sorry because of me the drinks fell on you I couldn’t save your dress.  Pari thinks I am thinking so ill of him. Rajeev thinks I should tell her and remove confusion as Neeti is my love not Pari.

Rajeev takes Pari aside. Rajeev tries to set her dress right. Pari says it’s okay. Rajeev says are you sure? Pari says yes. Here, Neeti talks to the lady and she says how after kids the married life changes. Neeti adores the kids. Rajeev brings Pari to the side by washroom to help her wash her dress. Neeti thinks to call Pari. Her phone rings and she hears it in her side by washroom. Neeti thinks Pari is here? Rajeev sees the call from Neeti and cuts it. Pari says why did you decline it Rajeev? Neeti hears it and sayd Rajeev? What are they doing together?

Rajeev takes the phone aside and says you need to come near me to take it. Pari says Neeti will get worried. Rajeev says what about me. Rajeev compliments her looks and eyes. Rajeev comes near Pari. Neeti says what is going on? Pari says let me call Neeti. Rajeev says focus on your husband here. Pari blushes. Rajeev switches off the phone.

Neeti worries and shares how her friend is not picking up. The lady says call again and relax. Neeti calls again and sees the phone is switched off. Neeti thinks what is wrong with Pari? Rajeev thinks thank god I switched Pari’s phone off. Pari says I know you are saying all this as you don’t want me to talk to Neeti. Rajeev says no. Rajeev then thinks I need to lower my drama or else Pari will get serious. Neeti thinks something is wrong and decides to check in the other washroom.

Episode ends.

Precap – Neeti and Rajeev enjoy ice cream on road. Pari is in cab and spots Rajeev from behind and thinks to go and surprise him.

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