Parineetii 25th June 2022 Written Update: Cab driver threatens Neeti


Parineetii 25th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet notices Rajeev sitting on floor. She asks him Is he alright? Neeti complaints that service is not good here her charger is missing. Cab driver friend comes there and questions her why did she beaten his friend? Neeti gets shock to see him there and asks him what’s he meant? Today is her marriage with Sanju. He tells her that he will send both bride and groom to heaven. Parineet tries to see Sanju’s face but he stops her.

Cab driver and his friend surrounds Sanju and Parineet there. Parineet asks them to leave him. She won’t stop this marriage at any cost. She will save him risking her life too. Goon takes Neeti from there placing knife on her back. Vicky stops them he threatens her to don’t open her mouth to him reasoning he will finish Sanju. Neeti tries to alert him but goon takes her. from there.

Cab driver says that she is trying to perform this marriage but they won’t let this happen. It’s all happening because of her. They are Neeti and Sanju’s enemy. Parineet pleads with them to don’t take him from there and halt this wedding. He threatens her to don’t inform this to police.

Neeti comes there and finds Sanju missing there. She diverts him and hits on his head and escape from there. Later Harman and Gurpreet notices goon taking Sanju from there. He stops him and enquires him what happened to him? He lies to him that he drunk that’s why he fainted. Harman takes Sanju from there. Cab driver thinks that he won’t leave him. Parineet gets nervous thinking about the situation. She wishes to inform police later dripped her idea.

Harman asks Gurpreet to sit beside him and he leaves to bring water for him. Gurpreet shares to Sanju that Neeti is talkative girl but has a good heart. Sanju wakes up and thinks they saved his life. He changes his voice tone and escapes from there.  He searches for Neeti there but Cab driver hits on his back and abduct him. Parineet notices it and goes behind him. Goon follows Neeti she shouts for help. Vicky thinks that something is wrong with her she tried to say something to him. He doubts someone is troubling her there.

Vicky searches for Neeti in mandap meawhile cab driver friend takes Neeti to Sanju’s room. Neeti asks them what did they done to him? Neeti notices cab driver and asks him what’s he need? He unveils his get up and shows it to her. Neeti reminds everything what happened on that day. He shows her frustration on her.

Neeti asks him what will he get from stopping her wedding. She adds that his wound will be fade. He is not listening to her. Neeti adds that he is not less he tried to misuse her friend. He adds that he didn’t done to her. They called police to arrest him. Both gets into an arguments. She warns him don’t they dare to touch Sanju. He threatens her to kill him if she tries to do anything smart. He demands Mukesh to take Neeti from this door and he takes Sanju from back door. He asks her to think about Sanju before doing anything.

 Neeti says that her Parineet will definitely find them out. Later Vicky meets Parineet and shares each other they were kidnapped. Vicky calms her down and assures her that he will find them out. Neeti warns them that definitely her friend and Vicky will come to save them. They closes her mouth and demands his friends to take her from there.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will argue with with cab driver and mention them as mental. He will share to them that he left them for Parineet but Vicky will get angry. Everyone will fight with them. Rajeev will break the good hand for taking Parineet’s ring.

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