Parineetii 25th November 2022 Written Update: Parineet, Neeti attend Pratiksha’s engagement


Parineetii 25th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Parineet saying to Biji that Rajeev is right. What will she do there when Rajeev attend his meeting. Biji demands her to go with him. She adds that she shouldn’t deny her words. Meanwhile, Rajeev asks Neeti will she accompany him to Junagarh?

Neeti says to him that she is so excited to spend time with him alone. Rajeev tells her that one more person will join with them in this trip. Neeti says that third person comes between them. She adds that he is mentioning about her baby. He says that obviously their baby is with them.

Parineet will accompany them too. Neeti asks him why should they take her with them? Rajeev tells her that Biji asks him to take her with them. Her husband is not here. She wants to do something in return for her.

Neeti says that she is happy to take her with her reasoning she will go out with Parineet for shopping. She hugs him in happiness. Rajeev thinks that he was stuck between them.

Later, Neeti, Parineet and Rajeev arrived at Junagarh. Rajeev lost the way. A thief stole Neeti’s bag and run away from there. Pratiksha smartly stops him. Rajeev about to call the police to complaint about him. Parineet thanks Pratiksha for her help.

If she shouldn’t have stopped him then he would have stole her back. Neeti slaps the thief in anger. Thief shares to her that he stole this money for his wife medical expenses. He shows the prescription to him. Pratiksha asks him why he is stealing for it.

He tells her that he was riding auto but he couldn’t get enough money to pay for his wife surgery. If he don’t pay money on time then they won’t start the surgery. How will he leave his wife in such state. Neeti says that she feels like he is lying.

Pratiksha gives money to him and advice him to find another one job for him. She advise him to don’t try to steal others things in his dream too. He thank her for her help and leaves. Pratiksha introduces herself to her. Neeti tells her that she shouldn’t have help him like that.

What if he lied to them? Pratiksha tells her that we shouldn’t think negatively like this about others. May be he was forced to steal to save his wife. Neeti tells her that he will choose to steal again when he was lack of money again.

Pratiksha tells her that she sent him to get a job. In temple he will get a job to arrange slippers. He will get a job and his wife problems also solve. Parineet and Rajeev appreciates her.

Stall owner returns the luggage to Rajeev. He thank him for his help. Pratiksha asks him where are they going to stay? Rajeev tells her that they were trapped. Actually his boss booked resort for them but they reached to wrong place.

Even no rooms are available here due to festival season. Pratiksha invites them to stay in her home. Parineet adds that she already helped them a lot. Pratiksha requests them to stay with her. She takes them to her home. Her family members welcome Rajeev and his wives.

Rajeev praises their welcoming style. Pratiksha tells her that they are not less then punjabi’s to welcome others. Neeti tells her that she used to come here ofter due to her work. She used to stay in hotel always. She never gets a chance to roam around here.

Pratiksha’s father asks them to taste their food. They will definitely like it. Rajeev deny it but they force them to eat it. They gives delicious food to them. Parineet and Neeti tastes the food there and praises it. Rajeev asks her where did they buy it from?

Pratiksha tells him that her mom cooked it. She narrates their tradition to them. Parineet learns from them that Pratiksha going to get engaged. Neeti and Parineet congratulates her. Rajeev also congratulates her.

Parineet tells her that she is not getting a feeling she is meeting them for the first time. She tells her it’s their culture. Neeti introduces Sanju as her husband and Parineet as her childhood best friend. Rajeev excused them to attend the meeting. He thank them for their help.

Later, Pratiksha’s mom asks them to get ready for the rasam. Neeti tells her that they don’t have traditional outfit to wear. She assures Neeti that she will give Gujarati’s traditional outfit to them. Later, Pratiksha’s mom welcomes Pratiksha’s prospective husband family.

They introduced Parineet ans Neeti to them as their guest. Groom family keeps praising Pratiksha and his son jodi. They inquires Neeti and Parineet about their journey? Neeti says that they are enjoying this trip. Parineet and Neeti brings Pratiksha there.

Their rasam takes place there. They takes blessings from the elders. Neeti and Parineet congratulates the couples. Pratiksha invites them to attend her wedding without fail. They assures to attend her wedding.

Episode end

Precap: Biji will notice Neeti and Rajeev together and shout on him. She will ask Rajeev why did he hold her hand? She will demand him to leave from there.

Neeti will ask Biji what she did wrong? Biji will complaint that she is here to break their family. Biji will says to Parineet that she is loving Rajeev a lot. But she might keep an eye on him

The episode starts with Parineet arranging food to serve the priest. She checks everything. Chandrika comes there to help her. Meanwhile, Rajeev complained to Monty that he didn’t even do any small work. Neeti comes there and asks Monty to leave. She wants to talk with him in private. Rajeev asks her why she is crying? Neeti tells him that he is the reason for it. She complained that he sat on pooja without her. Rajeev tells her that she was busy on pooja. That is why he didn’t disturb her. Neeti complained that he would have phoned her to inform her pooja was about to be completed. She complaints that Biju taunted her in front of everyone. She compared her to Parineet and praised her. She feels like she is a guest here. Rajeev tries to console her. Neeti adds that she feels like everyone dislikes her presence here. She adds that she doesn’t have any value in this house. Rajeev tells her that everyone likes her. Neeti says to him that Tai ji and Biji don’t like her. She leaves from there, accusing him. Rajeev thinks what happened to her? She is getting pregnant mood swings.

Biji praises Parineet’s cooking style. She says to the priest that she never tasted such delicious food in her life. Parineet is really talented one. Tai ji also agreed to it. Gurinder waiting for the moment everyone going to insult Parineet. Monty asks Rajeev what’s bothering him? Rajeev narrates his situation to him and adds that she isn’t understanding his situation at all. She has pregnancy mood swings it’s making him anxious. Monty tells him it’s normal in pregnancy time. He asks him to convince her. Later, The priest about to taste the food. He smells garlic in it. He asks everyone to stop eating. He informs to Biji that they did a sin. Because of them they would have broke their tradition today. He reveals to them that they adress Garlic in the Halwa. Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Gurinder remembers the way she added garlic in it. She thinks that Biji likes Parineet a lot. She will give whole property on her name. Parineet checks the sweets and thinks how is it possible? Gurinder says that she ruined their family reputation. She broke Biji’s trust today. She did a sin today and ruined their reputation. Gurinder isn’t allowing Parineet to talk there. She says that she is trying to play innocent here. She spoiled the sweets and ruined their family name. Rajeev says that she won’t do like that. Everyone in this family aware of her. Gurinder asks him to shut up.

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