Parineetii 26th July 2022 Written Update: Rajeev diverts Parineet


Parineetii 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti leaves from there not checking the washroom. Rajeev pretends like romancing with Parineet to divert her. Rajeev hears the knocking sound and thinks it’s better to leave her. She comes out with Rajeev. Neeti helps someone to find out the direction. Rajeev notices Neeti there and takes Parineet from there before he gets caught. Neeti hears Parineet’s voice and goes to check her. Rajeev says to Parineet that he loves her dressing sense. Neeti changes her mind to check the washroom thinking about Sanju waiting for her. Rajeev thinks that he may mistaken someone as Neeti.

He shares to Parineet that he wanna praise her beauty in stage but he couldn’t. Parineet nods with him. Rajeev gets Neeti’s call and leaves from there excusing her. Parineet doubts that no one will get this much call. How could someone get busy always? Is his boss calling him or her? Lets discuss about it with Neeti. Meanwhile he takes car from driver. Neeti comes there searching for Rajeev. She apologize to him for being late. He tells her that he took this car from office to go for a long drive.

Meanwhile Monty comes there and thinks her brother enjoying with his two wives but he is roaming around with his phone without a girl friend. Later Rajeev gives the best couple award to Neeti. She gets over excited and tells him they are perfect couple together. Rajeev thinks about Parineet there. Meanwhile Parineet waits for cab and thinks how will she go back to home if she don’t get anyone. Monty comes there and asks her to go with him reasoning Rajeev asked him to pick her up. Parineet stops him disturbing Rajeev reasoning he would have busy. She regrets for doubting him when he cares for her a lot. Monty thinks it’s hard to maintain two wife.

Meanwhile Rajeev keeps thinking about Parineet but Neeti asks him where did he lost? He says thinking about his sautan. He manages to her that he was thinking about office work. She tells him work comes first always. They won the best couple award today. Rajeev thinks that still she doesn’t know Parineet won it with him. Neeti asks Rajeev to buy ice cream for her but he avoids eating it. He gets allergies to it. Monty’s car stopped there and see them together. He wishes to take Parineet from there before she watch him. Parineet notices Neeti and tries to meet her but Monty stops her and ask her to meet Mishika first. She nods with him.

Later Rajeev drops Neeti in her home and leaves from there bidding bye to her. Neeti thinks that she is getting tears seeing him leaving her. She fears what if he leave her for someone else? Will he cheat her? She thinks that she is thinking a lot. Meanwhile Parineet wishes to contact Rajeev when did he coming late. She changes her mind later. She questions herself why did she suspecting him when he loves her a lot? She apologizes to god and Rajeev in mind. She drifts into sleep waiting for him. Rajeev returns to home and covers her with blanket seeing her shivering. Parineet notices it and feels guilty for suspecting him. She wishes to apologize to god for suspecting him.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will say to Parineet that she will stand with her always. She wanna become old Parineet she is not fool to get cheated. Parineet will assure with her. Neeti will demand her to swear on god.
Parineet will say to god if Rajeev betraying her for real she swear on god she will definitely punish him.

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