Parineetii 27th February 2023 Written Update: Parineet confronts Bebe


Parineetii 27th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Babli saying to Parineet that she usually doesn’t drink alcohol, then why does she feel dizzy? Parineet recalls that Bebe gave juice to her. Rajeev comes there. He tells her that he is feeling dizzy. She excuses them. Babli takes Rajeev from there. Parineet confronts Bebe and questions her why she is doing it all. Did she really think that she had taken her place in this house? She considers her as her Bebe. Why did she give bhang to them? Bebe asks them. Is it really working?” Bebe says that she might feel ashamed to break her sister’s married life. She is trying to blame her now. She isn’t doing it all for Neeti, but for her own benefit. She has to pretend to be herself as a mahan and impress Rajeev. She deserved all this.

Parminder hears their conversation and shouts at her. She says that Parineet won’t leave this house. She demands Bebe to pack her things and leave. Bebe asks her. Did she dare to send her out? Parminder says that this is her house. She was trying her best to maintain the peace in this house but she was crossing her limit. Bebe says that Parminder and Gurinder are breaking up this house. They are playing in their lives. They allowed Rajeev to marry twice. Parminder says that she doesn’t like Gurinder. She might show her anger at her not for this Bajwa’s family. Parminder takes Parineet from there. Bebe thinks that Pariminder argued with her for Parineet. She won’t allow this Parineet to stay in this house anymore. She will finish everything that night. Parminder consoles Parineet. Parineet tells her that she forgot to decorate Neeti’s first night’s room for the night. Parminder praises her and leaves. She feels dizzy. Babli tells her that Rajeev was in an intoxicated state. Parineet leaves to check him

Bebe notices Parineet going to check Rajeev. She thinks that both are under bhang effect. Neeti will learn the truth if they stay in the same room. She recalls her conversation with the bhang maker. Later, Parineet notices Rajeev searching for something. She asks him what he is searching for? She will help him to find it. Bebe closes the door from outside. Neeti is excited thinking about her wedding. She is disappointed to see Bebe there. Bebe says that she loves Parineet a lot. She considers this family as her own family. Neeti praises Parineet in front of her. She adds that she won everyone’s heart here. Bebe tries to manipulate Neeti against Parineet. She says that Parineet was trying to snatch her life. Neeti shouts at her.

Parineet asks Rajeev why he is crying? He tells her that today is his wedding with Neeti but he isn’t ready yet. Parineet asks him to gift these flowers to Neeti and propose to her. Neeti says to Bebe that she got this life because of Parineet. She is going to become a mom again because of her. Bebe says that she was blindly trusted Parineet. She asks her to understand what’s going around her. Neeti lashes out at her. Bebe manipulates Neeti. Meanwhile, Rajeev and Parineet are opening up with each other in an intoxicated state. Neeti says that Bebe said a lot. She isn’t interested in her talk and asks her to leave. Neeti demands her not to talk badly about Parineet. Bebe asks her to think about what the need to make this sacrifice for this family. She will get a place in everyone’s heart. Neeti throws her out of the room. Rajeev and Parineet express their feelings towards each other in an intoxicated state. Bebe is manipulating Neeti against Parineet. She adds that Rajeev has already married Parineet. Their relationship isn’t broken yet. She was her Sautan. Neeti asks her to stop it.

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