Parineetii 27th July 2022 Written Update: Neeti motivates Parineet to find out the truth


Parineetii 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts Parineet reaches to temple Neeti calls her to learn what actually happened yesterday? Parineet assures her that she is doing good. Neeti complaints that she called her many times but she didn’t pick her call at all. Parineet reminds her moments with Rajeev and enquires Neeti about her first outing? She shares to her everything excited. Neeti enquires Parineet Is she caught Rajeev red handed with that girl? Parineet clears to her that he was loving her only but she suspected him unnecessarily. He cleared everything to her.

Parineet says that she made him villain not understanding him. She adds that she came to temple to apologise to god. Neeti disconnects the call. Parineet gives money to begger and gets surprised to see Neeti there. Neeti tells her that she is here to check her friend alright or not? Neeti enquires her about Lipstick mark again. Parineet keeps supporting Rajeev there and says he only loves her. Neeti asks Parineet to swear on god and narrates her what happened yesterday?

Parineet shares to Neeti that she was following him yesterday and saw him with a girl. Finally he said to her she is his friend’s wife. Neeti asks her Is that girl said it to her or him? Parineet says that he said it to her. Neeti says that Parineet is a bold girl whom raise her voice against wrong things. Where did that bold girl went? Parineet says to her that she believes Rajeev. Neeti asks her what if he betray her? She assures Parineet that she can able to prove that Rajeev is cheating her.

She says to her that he went dinner with that girl and pretends like innocent in front of her. She is damn sure Rajeev doesnt know Suhana before. Neeti says that Rajeev betraying her she is not a fool to believe him. She motivates Parineet to turns back to old Parineet to fight against wrong things. Neeti asks her to don’t give her place to another one. She might bring out the truth of him and that girl whom betraying her.

Parineet remembers everything and assures her that she won’t leave them if he betraying him for real. Neeti demands her to swear on god she won’t leave them. Parineet swear on god if Rajeev betray her for real then she won’t leave him. She will punish him like he won’t forget that life long. She prays god to give strength to her and leaves.

Meanwhile Neeti returns to home and gets happy seeing the trophy there. She gets message to come back to work. She tries to explain him that she is on wedding leave but he says to her she might come back more staffs are infected. Neeti thinks that she wanna inform Sanju about it and pack her things. She gets emotional seeing her wedding lehanga. She thinks that she won’t feel happy without him. Neeti sends message to Rajeev.

Rajeev gets irritate with horn sound and thinks that this car is keep following him. He doubts may Parineet following him behind and stops the car to check whose it? Rajeev gets surprised to see the person there. He asks Naman what’s he doing here doesn’t he stayed in US? He informs to him that he returned to India and taking care of his father’s business after his death. He asks Rajeev about his girl friends? Rajeev makes fun with him. Naman informs to him that he gonna get married to Natasha asap. He congratulates him. He introduces Natasha to Rajeev and invites him to attend Sangeet. He enquires Rajeev Is he got married? He nods with him. Naman asks him to take his wife with him.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will argue with Neeti for giving importance to Pari then him. Later Parineet will inform to Chandrika that she gonna accompany Rajeev to attend a sangeeth. She will ask her to enjoy with him. Rajeev will dial to Parineet and get nervous when she didn’t pick it. Neeti will ask him whose that Pari?

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