Parineetii 28th February 2023 Written Update: Bebe’s cunning move


Parineetii 28th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev saying to Parineet that he doesn’t know how to take Pehras. Neeti says to Bebe that she was lying. She doesn’t trust her words. Bebe says to Neeti that she trusts them a lot. But they are taking advantage of her innocence. Neeti isn’t ready to believe her. Bebe asks her to give her just 5 minutes’ time for her, then she will prove to her what Parineet’s relationship with Sanju is. If she is wrong, then she will leave this house. She takes Neeti from there. Meanwhile, Parineet narrates to Sanju how to take Pehras. She asks him to imagine her as Neeti and he is Rajeev. She is teaching him to take Pehras. Bebe convinces Neeti and takes her from there. Rajeev says to Parineet that there is no priest. Parineet asks him to imagine a priest near by him. They greet the imaginary priest and take the Pehras together. Rajeev tells her that the garland is missing. They forgot about it. She complaints to him that he is ruining the decorations. He prepares a garland and exchanges it with Parineet.

Bebe and Neeti come there. Bebe says to her that they prepared sacred fire in paper. Rajeev asks Parineet to take Pehras with him. Neeti is shocked to see them together and recalls her wedding with Sanju. Rajeev signals Parineet to smile. Rajeev asks her how many Pehras they have to take? She tells him that she wants to walk in front now. Both lose their balance and fall into bed. Bebe says to Neeti that Parineet took her place. She is snatching her life. But she asked Parineet to carry her baby. Her friend became her sautan. She broke up her family. Neeti leaves from there.

Monty stops Babli and inquires her where she is going. She informs him that Rajeev is in an intoxicated state. Monty opens the door and wakes up Rajeev and Parineet. Rajeev tells him that he got married. Parineet also blabbering in an intoxicated state. Monty asked him to take the medicine. Neeti locks the door on Bebe’s face. Bebe asks her to open the door. Neeti recalls her moments with Parineet. Neeti thinks that she was a fool. Everything happened in front of her eyes but she was a fool. Neeti hugs Bebe and apologizes to her. She says that she made her open her eyes. She misunderstood her intentions. Neeti says that Parineet and Sanju betrayed her. She snatched Sanju from her. She wishes to talk with Parineet and question her about it in front of everyone.

Neeti searches for Parineet. Babli asks her why she is looking dull. Rajeev asks the priest to arrange everything asap. His wife is ready. Parineet comes there. Rajeev asks him who is going to marry him? Will he marry Neeti or Parineet? She asks him why he is staying silent? She demands him to say the truth. Rajeev tells her that she is his wife. Neeti asks him, then who Parineet is? She says to Parineet that she believed her a lot. But she betrayed her. She lashes out at her. She adds that the whole Bajwa family betrayed her. She confronted them in anger. Neeti says to Parminder that everyone said she was uniting this family. Then why did she betrayed her daughter in law. She gave place to her in this house but didn’t give place in her heart. Parineet takes the blame on her. She asks her not to lie again.

Episode end

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