Parineetii 28th July 2022 Written Update: Rajeev invites Parineet to attend the function


Parineetii 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev reaches to Neeti’s house. She informs to him that she wanna join back in work it’s emergency. Rajeev says to her she is on leave. His friend invited his wife to attend his sangeeth. Neeti refused to go with him reasoning she has work. He asks her to don’t lie. She says to him that she don’t like to lie. Neeti asks him doesn’t he left her behind on their first night? Rajeev complaints that she is treating him like this for that incident. Parineet is important to her then him and leaves from there angrily. Neeti thinks why did he getting angry for not attending the sangeeth.

Meanwhile Rajeev lashes out at the office staff for troubling him. He mentions that all are selfish. Parineet comes there and thinks what happened to him? Rajeev thinks that Neeti is not available so he can take Parineet with him to Sangeet. He asks her to accompany him to his childhood friend Sangeet function. Parineet thinks that she might go with him and find out his childhood things.

Rajeev asks her to wear good sari and everyone might be surprised to see his wife. Everyone might be spellbound by her beauty. He hugs her but she feels uncomfortable. He tells her no need to feel like this he is her husband. Parineet leaves from there. Rajeev thinks that it’s easy to fool her. Parineet calls to Neeti and informs her everything. She thank her for opening her eyes or else she would have talked for his sugar coated words.

Neeti tells her that she went to work but they replaced staff and extend her leave.
Neeti shares to Parineet that Sanju is angry with her because she refused to attend the sangeeth with him. Parineet asks her to inform him that she is available for tomorrow. She assures to talk with him later.

Parineet thinks that Rajeev wish to see everyone eyes on her but her eyes will be on him only. Meanwhile Rajeev shares to Monty that he gonna attend Naman’s sangeeth with Parineet tomorrow reasoning Neeti has work. Monty says that he has open ticket two option is there always. Rajeev says that Neeti is his trophy wife. Neeti comes there surprising him. He fears that she may heard everything.

Chandrika tries to feed Mishika but she refuses to eat it. Parineet comes there and feeds her convincing her. Chandrika gets surprised to hear she has Parineet and Rajeev’s doll. Later Neeti confronts Rajeev what did he said about her? Rajeev thinks that she is getting angry for small things.

It’s better to apologize to her. Neeti advises him they shouldn’t be like this. Neeti and Rajeev have good time to spend with each other. Neeti says to Rajeev that she is free so let’s go for a long drive. Rajeev thinks that Parineet agreed to go with him when Neeti refused it. But Neeti ready to go with him now how will he stop Parineet now?

Meanwhile Parineet says to Chandrika that she gonna attend Sangeet with Rajeev. He demands her to wear pretty dress everyone eyes should be on her. Chandrika suggests her to purchase new clothes for it. Rajeev is nervous thinking about the sangeeth. He shares his problems with Monty. He mocks at him seeing his situation.

Monty suggests some idea to him how to manage both of them. Rajeev tries to contact Parineet. Neeti asks him whose that Pari? Rajeev fears to get caught. Meanwhile Parineet helps Natasha to select her Sangeet dress. She praises Parineet and says she is such a good wife.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will think how will he stop Parineet from attending the function? She will start her emotional drama after this. Later Neeti will call Rajeev when he taking shower. He will tell her that he will get late and mention I love you to her. Parineet will get shock to hear it. Later Parineet will ask Rajeev Is she a good wife of him? He will tell her that she misunderstood him. Parineet will tell him she is not!

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