Parineetii 28th June 2022 Written Update: Neeti consoles Parineet


Parineetii 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti and asks her what happened to her? Parineet tells her she got pimple. Neeti gives a solution to her how to get rid of it. Later Rajeev enters into his room. His friends comes there and enquires him Is he alright? Rajeev asks them where did they left when that mess happened. His friends tells him that even god trying to stop his wedding. It’s better he elope from mandap because still he have time to take a good decision. He send his friends from there. He throws pillow on Parineet mistaking as his friends. He immediately hides his face.

Parineet notices the wound on his hand helps him to first aid to him. She adds that Neeti will feel bad to see him like this. Rajeev feels helpless seeing her and gets guilty for hiding the truth from her. Parineet says that its hard to cover his face always but he is doing good job avoiding consequences. Later Relative informs to Sukhwinder that her daughter horoscope may has some dhosh. She wanna take care of it. Priest notices that relative and enquires her what’s bothering her? She informs to him that she feels something wrong in this marriage. This marriage shouldn’t take place. She prays to god.

Simi stops Monty and ask him where is he going? He lies to her that he wanna attend his friend marriage and rushes out. Simi doubts him. Rajeev reminds about Parineet and thinks that he didn’t first aid to her wounds. Parineet shares to him that she is alright. She shares her grief to him. She adds that her dad liked Rajeev a lot but he doesn’t know it. He tells her that he is lucky to get her. Parineet adds that she is lucky to get him. He used to save her from all danger and gets emotional.

Rajeev tries to wipe her tears out but she gets alert. He places his hand on her head and tells her that her dad will bless her from heaven. Neeti notices them together and gets stunned. Meanwhile Monty reaches to venue and gets amaze to see the crowd there. Simi comes there following him secretly. She gets surprises to see the decorations there and wishes to find out the truth. Neeti enquires Parineet what’s going on there? Sukhwinder comes there and takes Neeti from there forcefully. Parineet followed her behind.

Later Gurpreet, Vicky and Harman gives complaint against cab drivers. Drivers says that they are lie. Police beaten them. He demands drivers to confess what’s their plan. Drivers gets shock to see him taking stick in his hand. Place theatens him to confess the truth. Driver lies to him that Parineet know him well. Gurpreet beats him with slippers. Driver lies that Neeti broke up with him. Parineet calls him to stop the wedding. Vicky and Harman starts beating Driver there in anger.

Police stops them and warns them don’t behave like this in police station. Later Sukhwinder questions Neeti Is she love Sanju or not? Neeti nods with her. She complaints that doesn’t she warn her don’t meet groom before marriage. Parineet tries to console her. Sukhwinder shares to her how did relative warned her. Neeti reminds the way relative alerted her.

Neeti promises to Sukhwinder that she won’t create any problems. She asks Parineet to keep an eye on this Neeti and Sanju then leaves from there. Neeti gets disappointed to see her mom and Sanju showing love on her more then her. Neeti shows her frustration to her. She adds that all are loving her then no one will remain to love her. Parineet assures her that Parineet only loves her. Neeti enquired her what happened in room? Parineet shares to her that she was talking with Sanju about her father and got emotional. She was getting her dad’s memories. Neeti consoles her.Episode end

Precap; Parineet will ask Sanju to remove his veil. She will get surprise to see someone there. Simi and Vicky will meet the groom there. Neeti will get shock to find new one in Sanju’s place.

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