Parineetii 29th July 2022 Written Update: Parineet rescues Natasha


Parineetii 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev gets nervous thinking about Sangeet. Neeti asks him what’s he thinking about? Rajeev lies to her that he was thinking about what will she wear on Sangeet function? Neeti praises him for always thinking about her. Rajeev thinks that it’s tough to manage both wives. Meanwhile Natasha invites Parineet for her Sangeet function. Parineet tells her she will inform her once she discussed with her husband.

Rajeev notices Parineet there and drives faster not stopping the car. Neeti scolds him for not stopped the car. Neeti complaints to him that he didn’t stopped the car. She calls Parineet and remembers her what to do. Later Parineet notices lorry gonna hit Natasha. She saves her from it. Natasha thank her and pleads her to attend her Sangeet. She promises to her.

Rajeev says to Neeti that he shouldn’t have get louder on her. But he has no anger on her because she is his love. He tries to romance with her but she tells him she wanna get ready for Sangeet. He asks her to wear sari but she deny it. Another side Parineet chooses Sari to wear. He chooses dress for her and assures her he will do anything for her. She asks him to stay with her for free days day and night. Rajeev tells her it’s impossible because his family members doesn’t aware of their secret marriage. Parineet thinks that she is doing this much for him but he is betraying her. Later Neeti says to him that he is convincing her smartly by his sugar coated words. Neeti asks him to help her wearing the sari. Parineet thinks that she doesn’t know to wear the sari let’s check in mobile to learn it.

Meanwhile Rajeev helps Neeti to wear sari. Both tries to get close with each other but Neeti stops him reasoning they are getting late. Neeti asks him to help her selecting ornaments suitable to it. Rajeev asks her to get ready well because everyone eyes should be on her. He helps her tie the blouse knot another side Parineet struggling to do it. Rajeev comes there and helps her to tie it. He says to her that she is looking beautiful in this sari. She is most beautiful girl in the world and he is lucky to get her in his life.

Later Parineet realise that she dreamt it all. Meanwhile Rajeev returns to home he gets excited to see Mishika there. Mishika informs to him that she perform Parineet and Rajeev doll marriage. Chandrika complaints to him that she troubled her a lot. Rajeev gets surprised seeing Parineet got ready. He admires her look there. Parineet notices him there and asks him to get ready asap. Neeti asks Rajeev which suit he gonna wear today? He praises her beauty. She tells him that she tried hard to select this dress. Rajeev tries to inform her plan cancelled but Parineet leaves from there.

Meanwhile Neeti gets irritate with the sari and calls Parineet. Parineet says to her that she wore sari too for Rajeev’s sake. Neeti asks Parineet to don’t forget the mission while enjoying the function with Rajeev. Parineet tells her that she swear on god so she will keep her eyes on him only. Rajeev taking shower Neeti calls him. He informs her that he will get late to reach there and mentions I love you to her. Parineet gets shock to hear it.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will say to Parineet that he can’t accompany her to Sangeet. Natasha will ask Parineet to attend her Sangeet. Meanwhile Parineet will praises Natasha’s Sangeet arrangements to her mom. She will praise Natasha’s beauty. Parineet will goes near Natasha whom busy talking with Neeti and Sanju

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