Parineetii 29th March 2022 Written Update: Gurpreet senses something wrong will happen in Pari’s life Or


Parineetii 29th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder welcoming Rajeev and Pari with Aarti. Gurpreet misses Pari’s presence in their house. Jashwanth tells Harman that Gurinder and Rajeev will take good care of their Pari. Gurinder tells the importance of Griha Pravesh to Pari. Pari leaves her kumkum foot marks and while going inside Pari gets hurt because of thrown. Dadi says nothing wrong will happen with Pari from here onwards. Keerthy says auspicious ritual becomes inauspicious. Gurinder stops her. Rajeev notices she is hurt and he lifts her in his arms and hands her to their room. Gurinder sees them and tells Keerthy and Monty that Rajeev started loving Pari.

Gurpreet thinks she is feeling something wrong going to happen with Pari and she prays to God to take care of her daughter. Rajeev places Pari on the bed and removes thrown from her feet and applies cream to her. Pari sees his care and recalls Neeti’s words that she wished her to have the best husband who loves her like a mother and protects her from the world. Pari feels emotional. Rajeev asks what happened. Pari says my best friend wants me to have the best husband in the world and you’re the one. Rajeev asks how much she knows him. Pari says past days are enough for her to understand him. Keerthy asks them to come to the living room as Mom is calling you.

Pari and Rajeev come to the hall. Gurinder makes Pari meet her neighbors. Then neighbors make them play ring finding game in milk vessel to know who rules in married life. Pari and Rajeev search the ring. Rajeev gets the ring in the first round. Next round Pari wins it. Third round Rajeev gets the ring but he gives it to Pari without others’ knowledge. Pari smiles seeing him. Neighbor ladies say she will rule him. Pinky says he is the one makes her win by giving the control. Pari wishes to tell her parents that she has got the best Sasural. Neighbors start dancing then Rajeev dances with Pari. Pari imagines their lovely moments during the performance. Neighbors clap for them. Pari tells she wants water. Rajeev gives her. Neighbors tease them. Gurinder asks them to stop teasing and she asks Keerthy to take them to the room so they can take a rest.

Keerthy takes her to their room and tells Pari that Rajeev danced for the first time. Rajeev asks them to not tease her and he goes to attend the call. Keerthy tells Pari that they decorated their room for suhaagrat and she shows the room to Pari and asks if she likes it. Pari blushes. Rajeev returns to the room after talking to his aunt. Keerthy and Pinky ask him for the gift. He gives them 5k then they leave asking them to enjoy. Keerthy closes the door.

Episode ends.

Precap – Neeti calls Pari and asks her how’s her husband. Pari tells her wishes come true as she got best husband. Gurinder warns her son to not spoil their plan and asks him to make Pari feel comfortable. Rajeev feels regret to marry Pari listening to his mom words.

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