Parineetii 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Neeti argues with Rajeev


Parineetii 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet tries to meet Neeti but she gets a phone call and leaves from there. Parineet follows her behind. Anjali comes there to meet Rajeev. Naman reminds him she is Anjali his school friend. He reminds the past to him. Rajeev enquires her well about? Meanwhile Sukhwinder calls Neeti and enquires about her life? Neeti assures her that she is happy with Sanju. She adss that she came to attend Sangeet function with Sanju.

She asks her mom to take medicine on time without thinking about her. She disconnects the call. Parineet meets her and hugs her. Neeti asks her where is Rajeev? She informs to her that Rajeev’s friend marriage called off so he went to meet him. Neeti asks her what if he attend that function with his girl friend? Parineet tells her that she feels like he said the truth to her. Neeti asks her to stop trusting him blind till the truth come out. Neeti says to her she will take her near Sanju.

Neeti brings Parineet near Rajeev. He gets shock to see her there but Parineet couldn’t find him out because of his mask. Meanwhile Mishika refuses to sleep without seeing Parineet. Chandrika narrates story to her. Rajeev thinks how did Parineet comes here? Whom invited her here Is she following him?

Parineet shakes her hand with Sanju. Parineet thinks why did she feels like he is familiar to her. Meanwhile Natasha’s father announced the dance program. Neeti says to them she doesn’t know how to dance so she asks Parineet and Rajeev to dance together. Rajeev thinks that he wanna find out whom invited her to this function? Both leaves to stage and dances together. Parineet feels close to him. Neeti feels jealous seeing them together. Neeti too joins with them dancing.

Chandrika sharing king story to Mishka which relates to Rajeev and Parineet story. Chandrika asks her whom deserves king in this story? Mishika says first wife deserves him because she saved king life. Chandrika appreciates her.

Rajeev thinks that it’s better Parineet learns the truth. May Parineet good girl but he only loves Neeti. He walks away from there in anger. Rajeev thinks that wherever he goes she is following him there. Rajeev takes Neeti from there in anger. Parineet thinks what happened to him? Doesn’t Neeti said he loves her a lot in front of all then why did he behaving like this?

Rajeev asks Neeti why did she invited Parineet here? Neeti says to him she didn’t invited her here. He argues with her and says he hates her. Neeti says to him that she don’t anyone talking against Parineet. She is her best friend. She didn’t invite her here. What’s bothering him with her presence? Rajeev thinks she is not Parineet to react like this. He apologized to her for behaved like that. He adds that he didn’t get time to spend with her in their wedding night.

Today also she came here to ruin their happiness. Neeti gets convinced by his apology. Neeti asks him to praise her then she will forgive him. Rajeev shares to her that he will be the happiest person when she is near him. He tries to romance with her but she asks him to leave her. Parineet calls Neeti on time she leaves from there. Rajeev thinks that Parineet keeps disturbing him. He calls Monty for help.

Monty decided to don’t help Rajeev at any cost today. Rajeev narrates the situation to him. He escaped from her with the help of mask. Monty suggests them to bring Ajay there to help him. Rajeev thank him for his help. Meanwhile Parineet notices Ajay outside and gets suspicion.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will enjoy the dance in party. He will notice the chandelier gonna fall down where Neeti dancing? Rajeev will shout Neeti’s name to alert her but she didn’t hear his voice properly. He will rush near her and save her on time preventing her from hurting. Rajeev will get panic seeing her faint.

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