Parineetii 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Neeti is determined


Parineetii 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parminder informing Gurinder that she has to share something important with her. She needs her help. Gurinder teases her by getting her help. Parminder asks her if she remembers the way Bebe’s family got affected by her. Gurinder says that it happened in the past. What’s the need to take it again? Parminder says that she hasn’t forgotten it yet. Bebe is here to ruin her family the way she did to her. Gurinder doesn’t believe her words. Parminder says that she was targeting Neeti because she was aware of Parineet’s truth. Gurinder asks her to say something to save her. Pariminder tells her that only one option is left in their hand. She had to reveal the truth in mandap and apologize to her. Gurinder denies it. Parminder says that because of her, Bebe was there and creating unnecessary issues. She was adding salt to the wounds. She is creating a rift between them. Gurinder says that she is ready to do anything for her but she won’t apologize to her. Parminder gives a stern warning to her.

Bebe asks Neeti. Did she understand the situation? She tells her that she understands. Bebe asks her to punish them as she said. She had to fight with her to get her rights back. Neeti is confused about her words. Bebe provokes her against Parineet. She assures her to stand with her in every situation. Rajeev thinks that he doesn’t know what he had drunk today? He wishes to apologise to Neeti. Bebe says that everyone will apologize to her hands, but it’s in her hands whether to forgive her or not? Neeti is determined to teach a lesson to everyone for betraying her. Bebe appreciates her determination. Parineet and Rajeev notice the storm. Parineet prays for Neeti’s safety. She asks god to give all the pain to her but protect Neeti.

Bebe asks Neeti to give a fitting reply to them. Rajeev gets a blurry vision when he enters his room. Bebe advises Neeti to follow Parineet’s method of doing everything. She uses sugar-coated words to impress everyone. She has to pretend to be close with her to take revenge on them. Rajeev confronts Neeti. What’s going on? Meanwhile, Babli and Monty are arguing with each other. Parineet asks them not to argue with each other. Neeti is about to question Rajeev, but Bebe stops her. She asks Rajeev to answer her questions. Isn’t she his wife? Then why is he giving more importance to Parineet? Rajeev tells her that she is important to Neeti. So she is of equal importance to him. Parineet comes there and appreciates her appearance.

Parineet says that she is looking more beautiful now compared to her first wedding appearance. Neeti asks her not to lie. Parineet tells her that they are running out of time. Get ready asap. She was about to hold her but Neeti refused to go with her, lying because she was not feeling well. Bebe didn’t allow Parineet to talk with her more and took her from there. Rajeev notices that Neeti is behaving weirdly. He asks Neeti if she has found something? She nods to him. He apologizes to her. She tells him that his apology won’t change anything. He assures her not to touch bhang again. Neeti recalled Bebe’s advice and didn’t ask anything from him further. Monty took him from there. Neeti thinks that he may be aware of the truth.

Parminder notices Bebe. She says to her that she has decided to take her revenge. It’s her family too. She shouldn’t take revenge on them. She made them drink Bhang. She forgot about her family in her anger. Parminder is happy to hear her words. The priest asks them to take the bride to the mandap. Neeti comes there and notices the way Parineet is taking care of the Bajwa family. She recalls her words. Parineet and Bebe put their hands forward. But Neeti holds Bebe’s hand, surprising everyone. Parminder and Gurinder smell something fishy.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will ask Parineet to do the ganthbandhan tightly. Her relationship with Sanju shouldn’t break. Later, Parineet will congratulate Neeti. Neeti will tell her that she understood everything and she wouldn’t be a fool again. Bebe will tell her that she learns what she shouldn’t have.

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