Parineetii 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Gurpreet confronts Rajeev


Parineetii 2nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Neeti frustrated, thinking about Sanju’s behaviour. She checks herself in the mirror and thinks that she lost her glow due to stress. She worries about her skin and taking care of it.

Rajeev comes there to check whether Neeti is angry or not? Neeti shows her anger at him and says that he is mean to her today. Rajeev apologizes to her for teasing her in front of everyone. He tries to be romantic with Neeti.

Parineet comes there and is disappointed to see them close to each other. Neeti thinks that Parineet will remember Rajeev seeing them in that position. Rajeev excused them. Neeti asks Parineet why is she here?

Parineet tells her that she wanted to inform her that she had given orders for rangoli colors. Neeti asks her. Doesn’t she remember Rajeev seeing them in such a position? Parineet clears with her that she doesn’t want to remember him. She doesn’t want to get him back in her life.

Neeti advised her to not sacrifice her life for others. Parineet tells her that he is loving her and becoming a father to her child. Neeti says to her that she is using that child to threaten her. She suggests Parineet carry Rajeev’s child.

A child is a weakness to every husband. She adds that Sanju loves her already but he is showing extra care for her after she becomes pregnant. Parineet leaves from there.

Rajeev gives the colors to Parineet. She thanks him and walks away. Rajeev tries to help her but she refuses his help. She adds that she doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone. Rajeev thinks that she is right. He ruined her first Diwali. She too has many dreams about her first Diwali.

He helps her to open the packet and says that sometimes it’s not wrong to get someone’s help. He asks her to draw the colorful Rangoli. Parineet thinks that he washed away the colors from her life and demands her to draw a colourful Rangoli.

Rajeev thinks that he mayn’t love her, but that doesn’t mean he hates her. He likes her caring nature and pure heart. He wants to help her to have a happy life. Parineet asks him to stop wasting his time here and help Neeti because it’s her first Diwali.

Rajeev adds that it’s her first Diwali too. She thinks when he starts to care for her. Parineet ignores him but he stops her to talk with her. He promised her not to trouble her more.

Parineet says to him that she lost trust in his promise. She adds that he loves Neeti and is married to her. Why doesn’t he take care of Neeti instead of troubling her? Chandrika got there and noticed them. She doubts that something is going between them.

Neeti comes there and praise her rangoli. She praises Parineet. She requests Chandrika to help her taking a good video of her with Sanju. Neeti asks her to move a little. Rajeev feels guilty seeing Parineet.

Parineet hurts to see them together and walks away from there in tears. Tai ji says to Parineet that she is able to understand her pain. She gifts a Jewels to Parineet. Parineet refused to accept it reasoning she brought it for her daughter-in-law. Neeti deserved this because she is his wife.

Parineet tells her that she isn’t divorced to Rajeev yet. She is legal wife of him not Neeti. Parineet adds that Neeti’s fault not in it. She doesn’t know the truth yet. Tai Ji’s husband pleads with Parineet to accept the gift. Parineet pleads with him to don’t plead with her like that. He is like a father figure of her.

Gurinder calls Neeti to get everyone attention. Tai ji understands that she is going to gift something to Neeti to hurt Parineet. She gifts jewellery to Neeti. Rajeev asks Neeti to accept it. She demands him to make her wear it. He denied it seeing Parineet.

He lies to Neeti that he is shy to make her wear in in front of everyone. Neeti thinks that he was romancing with her in front of the nurse but feeling embarrassed in front of family members.

Later, Parineet lighting diyas and recollecting her past incidents. She thinks that her childhood days were best. She remembers that she revealed the truth to her mom. She would have waited for her whole night. She forget to inform her rest of the things.

Gurpreet and Harman are going to Parineet’s house. Gurpreet is determined to confront Rajeev for his deeds. She says to Harman that he wants to leave that girl for Parineet. If he need that girl than he wants to give justice to her.

Later, Tai ji welcome Gurpreet and Harman. She complaints that how will they celebrate Diwali after kicked out her Parineet at middle night. Gurinder asks her who is shouting there. She gets shocked to see Gurpreet there. She lashes out at Gurinder. She calls Rajeev to come out.

Parineet recognised her voice and rushed to there. Rajeev tries to get her blessings. But she complaints to him that he deserved to get her blessings after she done this much to her daughter. Neeti noticed them there.

Gurinder questions Gurpreet how could she talk like that in front of son-in-law. She complaints that he isn’t deserved to be anyone son-in-law. Gurinder scolds her for talking bad about her son. He doesn’t did sin but loved someone.

Gurpreet lashes out at Rajeev for ruined her daughter life. Both are getting into heating argument. She asks Rajeev to stop mentioning her as mom. Neeti shares with Parineet that she got her in-laws after so much problems. She fears that Mummy will create new inssues in her life.

Parineet asks her to stop minding it and go inside. It’s not good for her baby. Neeti is adamant not to leave without Sanju. Gurpreet complaints that Rajeev betrayed her daughter and talking with her nothing happened.

Gurpreet complaints to Gurinder that she didn’t upbring her son in well manner. Doesn’t she see what did he done to her daughter. Parineet rushes near her and says she shouldn’t stress herself like that. She asks her to calm down.

Harman tells her that neither she didn’t eat anything nor sleep thinking about her. Neeti comes there and says she misunderstood something.

Gurpreet asks her why she is here? Parineet asks Harman to take her from here. Neeti reveals to her that no one troubling Parineet here. It’s her In-laws house. She introduced Sanju as her husband.

Episode end

Precap; Gurpreet will reveal the truth to Neeti. Neeti will question Sanju how could he betray her friend Parineet to live with her? Sanju will tell her that he don’t love Parineet.

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