Parineetii 30th July 2022 Written Update: Rajeev feels guilty


Parineetii 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet gets shocked to hear Rajeev saying I Love you to someone else. Rajeev gets alert hearing the sound. Parineet thinks that some times he is behaving like he likes her but now saying I love you to someone else. She  wishes to confront him. Rajeev thinks that Parineet is a lovely wife she loves him a lot but he only loves Neeti. He is bonded well with her. Parineeti says to Rajeev that she wanna ask him something. Is he happy with her? Is she a good wife to him?

Rajeev says to her she misunderstood him. She tells him she is not at all. She heard him saying I Love you to someone. Rajeev thinks that she will caught him red handed. Many things running on her mind he wanna stop her somehow. Rajeev says that he can’t able accompany her to Sangeet. Rajeev lies to her that her friend marriage called off so he is so depressed. He said I love you to him so he replied the same. Parineet thinks that she may misunderstood him this time also.

Rajeev shows phone calls to Parineet and says he called him many times. Rajeev reminds how did he changed Neeti’s number into Boss. Rajeev calls Neeti and asks her Is she ready? She nods to him. Rajeev feels guilty for lying to her. Meanwhile Natasha calls Parineet to attend the sangeeth. Parineet tells her that her husband cancelled the program. She asks her to attend the function for her because she saved her life. If she don’t saved her then she wouldn’t have stand alive here. Meanwhile Rajeev and Neeti reaches there. They goes in and gets surprised to see the decorations there. Parineet assures Natasha to attend the function.

Naman meets Rajeev and Neeti there. He shares to Neeti about Rajeev’s girl friends. Neeti warns him if he dared to go out with them then she will break his teeth. Rajeev pleads with Naman to don’t bring his past to his wife. Neeti says to Rajeev that loyality important in marriage life. Natasha comes there and introduced herself to them.

Natasha’s father comes there and pretends like rude to Naman then laughs to them. He says that he is making fun with them and leaves to meet his wife. Naman makes fun with him. Natasha warns him to don’t do like this. Meanwhile Nima gets irritate to wear sari after so many years. She complaints that she forget to wear sari and heals after returning to India. Parineet helps her preventing her from falling down. She introduces herself  as Seema’s mom. Parineet takes blessings from her and narrates to her how did she saved Natasha morning.

Seema says to Parineet that she saved her life and her daughter too. She is such a lovely girl. She notices her nuptial chain and says her husband is very lucky to get her in his life. Parineet praises the decorations there. Seema says that she done it all see Natasha looks so pretty today. Parineet goes near her to meet here where Rajeev talking with Neeti there. Suddenly lights turns to off there.

Everyone attentions turns towards Natasha’s father whom talking with everyone in mike. He praises his wife there. Seema says that he was drunk that’s why he is talking like this. He keeps praising about his relationship with his wife and narrates the importance of love. Parineet appreciates him to Seema. Rajeev says to Neeti that Natasha’s father is so caring towards his wife. He announces Natasha’s wedding with Naman there.

Everyone enjoys his talk and invites Seema on stage. She goes to stage everyone claps for her. They shares their life story to them. He says to all that he wishes to marry a modern girl but ended up with this traditional girl. He left to London leaving her behind. He realises her importance after he went there. Parineeti feels proud seeing their love and thinks that what if Rajeev likes her in this way too. Is he loving her or someone else?

Episode end

Precap; Natasha’s father will announce to all that today one important guest came here. He will introduce Naman’s childhood friend Sanju. Parineet will get shock to find Rajeev there. Rajeev will say to all that he don’t wanna get married but he find out a beautiful girl and married her. Parineet will get surprise to see Rajeev hugs a girl.

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