Parineetii 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Gurpreet slaps Rajeev


Parineetii 3rd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Neeti introducing Sanju to Gurpreet as her husband. It’s her in-laws’ house. Gurpreet shares with Neeti that he isn’t Sanju but Rajeev, her son-in-law. Rajeev asks Neeti to go inside. Gurpreet demands her to stay there. She asks Parineet to confess the truth.

Gurinder says to Parineet that she shouldn’t hide anything from her. Parineet mentions him as Neeti’s husband, Sanju. Neeti adds that she misunderstood something. She received the Necklace from her in-laws today. She is very happy here.

Gurpreet says that both Sanju and Rajeev are the same, it seems. Neeti tells her that she is giving respect to her. That is why she didn’t say anything to her. Gurpreet says that she trusts him a lot. Just see his true color. She throws his wedding picture with Parineet.

Neeti gets a shock of her life. Parineet assures her that Sanju loves her. She won’t come in between them. She will give him divorce asap. Neeti asks Rajeev how could he betray his best friend to live with her?

Rajeev tells her that he doesn’t love Parineet. It’s a mistake. Gurpreet slaps him in anger and complains that his mom asked Rajeev for her hands.

Gurinder scolds Gurpreet for slapping her son in front of her. How could she treat him in this way? She asked her son for her hand. Doesn’t her marriage halt twice? Rajeev doesn’t love Parineet because she isn’t good enough for him.

Gurinder lashes out at Gurpreet. She badmouth on Parineeti. Tai ji scolds Gurinder for scolding her. Neeti asks her to stop it. She isn’t able to bear someone badmouthing on Parineet. Gurinder says that she is supporting Neeti here but she is talking in favour of Parineet.

Neeti tells her that Parineet is more important to her than anyone. Sanju says to Neeti that he loves her a lot. She is carrying his baby. Parineet also supported him. Neeti cleared with her that she didn’t need such love.

Parineet assures her that she won’t disturb them but accepts Sanju for her sake. Gurpreet says that she is requesting her to accept Rajeev, who betrayed her. Gurpreet faints under stress. Parineet comes out of her nightmare.

Parineet wishes to stop Gurpreet and calls her. She inquires Parineet about her whereabouts. Parineet assures her that she is fine. She didn’t get a ticket due to Diwali. Gurpreet shares with her that she is on the way to take her back home.

Parineet thinks that Neeti will learn the truth. She wishes to stop her. Parineet tells her that everything is alright here. She lies to Harman that she misunderstood Rajeev and argued with him. Now everything is alright.

She is celebrating her first Diwali at home. She doesn’t want to ruin the mood. She asks him to take Gurpreet back home, reasoning her health condition is not good. Harman nods to her. He consoles Gurpreet.

Meanwhile, Tai ji shares her happiness with Parineet about her return home. She asks her to light the diyas. She assures her that everything will soon be alright. Parineet says that Neeti is carrying Rajeev’s child so she might think about her.

Tai ji tells her that nothing is in their hands. God decides everything. Let’s see what destiny is in store for her. Chandrika comes there and asks them what’s going on here? Tai ji tells her that they are taking heart to heart.

Chandrika assures her that soon Parineet will return to this home with all rights. They are shocked to see Gurpreet and Harman gets there. Parineet alerts Chandrika that she fears that Gurpreet will come to know about Neeti. She hugs them and welcomes them to their house. Parineet asks her what’s the need to come here? Doesn’t she assured her that she was fine.

Gurpreet tells her that she was here to do Shagun for her. Parineet adds that she is able to do it later. Gurpreet tells her that girls used to forget their parents after so many years but she is trying to send her out within one week.

Parineet tells her nothing like that. Chandrika takes them inside. Parineet fears about getting caught. Gurinder gets shocked to see Gurpreet there. She pretends to welcome them happily. Gurpreet praises the decorations of the house. Simi thinks that this diwali will be an exciting one. Meanwhile, Neeti noticed Gurpreet there.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will dance on the stage. Rajeev will take Gurpreet’s blessing. Gurpreet will give money to Rajeev and Parineet and bless them. Neeti will notice them. Later, Neeti will ask Rajeev. Don’t they usually bless couples like that?

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