Parineetii 4th August 2022 Written Update: Parineet spots Rajeev in Sangeet


Parineetii 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev notices that Parineet comes down from stairs. Natasha forces Parineet to drink. Parineet tells her that she don’t drink. Natasha asks her to enjoy and calls her husband. Parineet reminds her beautiful moments with Rajeev. She doubts whether she thinking of him in drinks effects or by his heart. Parineet notices Rajeev there and smiles at him. She doubts why would he come here.

Rajeev fears that Parineet saw his face what will he do now? Neeti notices Parineet there and asks her Is she drink? Parineet says to her Natasha made her drink. Neeti tells her it’s not wrong to drink sometimes. Parineet says to her she is getting Rajeev’s thoughts. Even she saw Rajeev there. She points Rajeev to her. Neeti tells her he is Sanju not Rajeev. Parineet tells her it’s effect of this drinks.

Parineet says to her she gonna find out Rajeev. He crawls from thete hearing her voice. Neeti thinks it’s not good to leave her in this way. She about to follow her Natasha takes her from there. Rajeev hides under table. Parineet thinks that he is playing hide and seek and finds him out. Rajeev pushes server on her. Seema notices Parineet there and asks her Is she drink? Neeti comes there to help her. She assures to seema she will take care of Parineet. Natasha made her drink. Seema thinks that Natasha is behaving like this in front of guests.

Monty brings the girl to hotel. He collides with Seema ans exchange their room key. Monty enters into wrong room and gets surprise seeing the facilities there. He orders drinks for him. Shreya says to Ajay why did he playing this duel role? Why did Parineet scolding him often. What’s the need to hide this matter from Parineet?

Ajay shares to her that Rajeev takes his help to do it. He narrates to her how did he called him and shared to him he married to Parineet but his love is Neeti. He narrated to him how did he ended up in this worst situation. He asked to him he married to two woman but they are close friends but unaware of the truth they married same person. Shreya gets shocked to hear it.

Naman asks Rajeev what happened to him? He don’t look like his old friend? Rajeev thinks that he ruined his life by marrying two woman. He lies to him as nothing. Seema comes there to ask room key to Naman. Naman says to Rajeev that he is luck to get such good in law’s. Rajeev praises him that he got good family.

Neeti comes there to meet Rajeev. He asks her to leave his hand. She tells him she married to him to live with him life long not to leave his hand. Rajeev tells her that he thought she is an understanding girl but not. She apologized to him for misunderstanding him. He asks her to kiss him as a compensation. Parineet notices them together and doubts why did Sanju changing his costume often? She doubts something is going between them.

Rajeev tries to romance with Neeti but she asks him to mind their surrounding. He said to her both are husband and wife no one will misunderstand them. She asks him whom kept this name to him as Sanju? He is behaving like kid. He shares to her that he likes her name a lot it’s so beautiful. Rajeev demands her to Kiss him Neeti makes him wear the mask. He hugs her from behind. He gets shock to see Parineet staring them.

Episode end

Precap;Rajeev will enjoy the dance in party. He will notice the chandelier gonna fall down where Neeti dancing? Rajeev will shout Neeti’s name to alert her but she didn’t hear his voice properly. He will rush near her and save her on time preventing her from hurting. Rajeev will get panic seeing her faint. Parineet will notice them together.

The episode starts with Naman spending time with Natasha. She notices Neeti there and stop her. Naman teases her with Sanju name. Neeti gets a phone call from Parineet. Parineet informs to her that she saw Sanju outside he is behaving weird. She assures to Parineet that she saw him in room.  He even changed his dress he looks suspicious. Neeti asks her to keep an eye on him and leaves to check Sanju in his room. Parineet notices him create weird sound to her Rajeev’s attention. Rajeev helps him to pull Ajay up.

 Parineet notices this all hiding but she fails to notice Rajeev whom helping Ajay to go up. Meanwhile Neeti opens the door and asks Rajeev what’s he doing here? Rajeev says to her that she is doubting him unnecessary and walks away from there angrily. Neeti calls Parineet and assures her that Sanju is in room. She may mistaken him. Later Parineet shares to Neeti that she definitely saw him wearing different dress something is fishy. Neeti tells her may she is doubting all thinking about Rajeev. Neeti tells her that she wanna apologize to Sanju he is angry on her. Seema asks Parineet Is something bothering her? She deny it. Meanwhile she notices Shreya there and doubts what’s she doing here? She follows her behind. Rajeev makes Ajay wear his blazer. He talks with Shreya on phone. Rajeev scolds him for called Shreya there for date. He complaints that because of him his date got cancelled.

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