Parineetii 4th June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev tries to forget Parineet


Parineetii 4th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet advises Neeti to call her mom and leaves from there. Neeti follows her behind and collied with someone. Later Rajeev comes to his cabin and gets shock to see many staffs are there in his cabin. Rajeev enquires him what’s going on there? His Boss praises his wife for sent tasty food to all and says this is the best food he had in his life. His friend informs to him that Boss doesn’t know he just got engaged so he didn’t try to clear him. He was on bad mood but he got melt after he ate his fiance handmade food. Rajeev too taste the food and feels delicious he reminds the way Parineet enquired him about his lunch.

Neeti pleads Parineet to stop there and ask her what about her nuptial chain selection? Parineet asks Neeti to help her to cross the road first. Neeti hugs her emotionally Parineet consoles her. Neeti apologize to her for talked like that to her and assures to her that she has all rights to take decision in her life. Parineet asks her whom said she won’t take decisions? Neeti says that Parineet is right no one can compare mom’s love with anyone.

Parineet asks her to call her mom now itself. Neeti hesitates to call her in the fear she may scold her. Neeti feels sad when she didn’t attend the call. She calls Parineet to help her to choose the nuptial chain for her. Later Simi enquires to Preeti where is Parineet? Why did she went out without informing her. Chandrika comes there and gives fitting reply to her and supports Parineet there. She asks her what’s her problem with Parineet? Simi complaints that both sisters in law are behaving like sisters. She nods to her and leaves. Simi thinks that its hard to control Chandrika but not Parineet. She wishes to alert her mom.

Meanwhile Neeti gets a call from her mom but she hesitates to attend it. Parineet attends the call for her. Sukinder shares her grief to her Parineet advises Neeti to answer her mom. Sukinder asks Neeti Is she wanna fulfill her dream what’s the need to play this drama with her? Doesn’t she supported her in all her decision. Neeti apologies to her for her mistakes. Neeti invites her for her marriage. Sukinder adds that she will reach there on time to do her kanyadhan. She demands Neeti to arrange everything in Punjabi style wedding there. Sukinder feels happy to learn her daughter became a Air hostess. Neeti is on cloud nine after she talk with her mom and thank Parineet for her effort to unite her mom with her.

Mohan informs to Rajeev that boss asked him to send some files. Rajeev gets a phone call from Monty. He thinks that Rajeev is in trouble so he might help him. Rajeev finds out that he is trying to make him concentrate on Neeti and assures him that he is not thinking about Parineet. He reminds Parineet’s thoughts seeing the lunch box. He thinks that he gonna get married to his dream girl but why did he getting Parineet’s thought? Rajeev rushes out of office.

Neeti asks Parineet Is her hands feels chill? Parineet denies it and assures to her that it’s normal. Neeti behaves crazy with strangers Parineet apologies to him behalf of her. Neeti shares to Parineet that they decided to do court marriage when Sanju but her mom deny it. Parineet supports her mom there. Neeti says that she gonna invite cultural consultants. Parineet denies it reasoning it will cost so much money. She assures to her that she will help her to arrange all reasoning she is familiar to it. Neeti fix her as cultural consultant and offers money to her. Parineet denies it reasoning she won’t get money from her and treat her like a professional here. Neeti says that she is her first customer and her husband will feel proud of her. Parineet reminds her dad’s word and assures to her that she will accept her deal.

Episode end.

Precap: Neeti will inform to Rajeev that she can’t able to pick her mom on time. Sanju will assure to pick her up. He will meet her and introduce him. Sukinder will introduce Parineet as Neeti’s childhood best friend shocking him.

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