Parineetii 4th March 2023 Written Update: Bebe’s stern warning to Parineet


Parineetii 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti informing Sukhwinder that everyone is aware of the truth. Though they betrayed her. They hide the truth from her. Bebe tells her she shouldn’t leave them. She advises Neeti to use Parineet’s strategy to snatch everything back from her. She asks her to act along with her and take her rights back. She advises Neeti to not show her anger in her face. Those who handle everything chill will win the game. She had to deal with everything patiently. She can kick her out by showing love to her. Simi and Chandrika come there. She shares with Neeti that one more rasam is remaining. Parineet gives juice to Neeti. She tells her that she doesn’t need to do it all. Rajeev comes there and joins them. Simi says to Rajeev that he has to give shagun before meeting his wife. Rajeev says to her that they used to keep this tradition at first weddings. It’s his second wedding. He tells her that he is marrying Neeti for a second time. She demands him to give her money. Parineet gives money to them from her wallet. Neeti dislikes it. Neeti asks Parineet to close the door before leaving. Rajeev appreciates Neeti’s beauty. She asks him, does she look pretty then Parineet? Didn’t he like Parineet?

Sukhwinder stops Parineet and inquires her when she will leave. She demands her to stop calling her mom. Parineet tells her that she was habituated. Didn’t she promise her to leave the house after Neeti’s wedding? Parineet tells her that she is not able to leave now. She asked her to give her a few days’ time for her. She complaints that she is using it as an excuse to stay in this house. It’s wrong that she is staying in this house. If she doesn’t leave this house, then she will send her out. Parineet tries to convince her. Sukhwinder requests her to leave Neeti. Because of her, she lost her baby and ended up in danger. Parineet says to her that she is able to understand her pain. She is staying here to bring her baby to this world. She has no relationship with Rajeev. It won’t happen either. Neeti isn’t allowing her to leave. If Neeti comes to know the truth, she also won’t suspect her because she is aware that she won’t betray her. Sukhwinder says that she betrayed her but. She hides the biggest truth from her. Meanwhile, Neeti says to Rajeev that he likes Parineet. That is why he gave shagun to her. She tries to prevent him by lying that she has a head ache. Rajeev helps her to remove her jewels. She thinks that she was a fool to believe him.

Neeti questions when Sanju and Parineet start betraying her. She wishes to catch them red-handed. Rajeev thanked her for coming into his life. She is the best. Neeti lies to him that she feels sleepy. He asks her to take a rest. Meanwhile, Bebe meets Parineet. She asks her why she is in her room? She asks her, does she need anything? Bebe tells her that she needs her permission to stay in this house. She asks her not to mess with her until she stays in this house. Or else she will face the consequences. Parineet worries about her words. Later, Neeti wakes up and walks out of her room. Bebe notices her and asks where she is going. She wishes to stop her. She recalls Parineet and Bajwa’s family betrayal of her. She breaks into tears. She asks the god why did he punish her like that? She didn’t committed any sin.

Bebe consoles Neeti. She asks her how she will stay calm. She was breaking inside. She is feeling pain inside her heart. Her blood was boiling. Everyone is betraying her. She doesn’t know what to do? Bebe asks her to listen to her words. She asks her to show her anger at Parineet. She asks her to use her brain. Neeti tells her that her brain isn’t working. Her Parineet betrayed her. Everything was over. Bebe tells her nothing is over. This is a good day. Neeti tells her the day is good but not her destiny. She shares her grief with Bebe. Bebe tells her that Parineet is going to feel the pain that she gave her. Bebe provokes Neeti against Parineet. She demands her to promise her that she will hurt Parineet and make her cry. She will snatch her husband, happiness and this family from her. Those who support Parineet want to kick her out. Neeti is the official daughter in law of this house, not Parineet. It’s her house. Neeti promises Bebe to take revenge on Parineet. She assures her that she will use the same strategy to snatch everything back from her. Parineet is going to cry every day in her life, not Neeti.

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