Parineetii 5th March 2022 Written Update: Pari tries to commit suicide


Parineetii 5th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Varun along with his family talking to the elders of the house regarding the papers of the house and the shop for marrying Pari in a form of dowry. The father of the groom said since the marriage of your daughter has been broken once and now you are doing a huge favour on you all by getting my son married to your daughter so in return of that, the shop and the house papers are very minimal things to ask for. Varun says but how can we be sure that after marriage they will not change their stand hence it is better if we can settle down the deal today itself. The mother of Varun is saying that if we don’t get our son married with your daughter then she will have to sit at home for the whole life because who else will marry her and I am sure you people will not like that as well! Pari overhears everything from outside of the room and she feels distraught after seeing her father with folded hands.

Pari comes to the room and she misses Niti and thinks if she will be here then she will set everything right but now she doesn’t know how to stop this marriage because if this marriage takes place then it will be nothing but a deal. She feels my father is my pride and she tries to think of ways to stop the marriage. She thinks if I won’t be alive then this marriage will not happen at all. She goes inside the bathroom and finds the bottle of phenyl and drinks from the bottle so that she can die. Purvi notices Pari in the bathroom and she tries to wake her up but she notices the opened bottle of phenyl.

She drinks phenyl from the bottle and tries to do suicide so that the marriage gets cancelled by their own. However Purvi made her drink a lot of water so that she could vomit the phenyl she is drinking and after that Pari shares everything with Purvi about whatever is happening and why she took that extreme step. While they are talking, Varun’s mother comes there and takes Pari along with her. Before anyone can go ahead with the marriage preparations Purvi comes there and says everything about the dowry thing to everyone in the house.

She also says that this is not a way to get married because he will never be able to be happy in this loveless marriage. She says just to avoid the marriage without any issue she just tried to commit suicide sometimes ago. Rajeev gets sad and disturbed to hear this and see everything and then he looks at Pari. Pari is crying and saying nothing to them. The head of the village interrupts the occasion and asks all the people about it as well. Pari can’t say anything but she was crying about the whole thing.

Precap – The village head cancels the marriage and asks Varun and his family members to feel ashamed of themselves.