Parineetii 6th June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev gives a nod to Parineet


Parineetii 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev is in traffic he reminds his beautiful moments with Neeti but suddenly Parineet’s thought disturbs him. He doubts why did he get her thoughts? He thinks that if he say thanks to her for her food this will be alright. He calls her and says thanks to her. Parineet feels happy and shares to Neeti that he was always busy though he called her to say thank you. Neeti says that he would have deny it though she sent it to him. Neeti asks her Is she like him more then her? Parineet says that she has good place in her heart. She says it’s smart answer. Rajeev self motivate him to forget Parineet.

Meanwhile Neeti and Parineet are choosing nuptial chain. Neeti doesn’t like any design and removes Parineet’s nuptial chain and wears it. Sales woman asks her to return her friend nuptial chain to her she is wasting her time. One old lady demands Neeti to return her nuptial chain reasoning its bad omen. If she wear it means she is taking her friend life. Neeti asks her to leave in sarcasm way. Sales woman gives new one to her. Neeti tries to convince her it’s all old thoughts. If we exchange the nuptial chain means we are not gonna exchange our husband. Parineet makes her understand it’s all belief. Neeti thank her for helping her. Parineet asks her to drop her in market to buy some pooja thongs.

Later Neeti returns to home and finds her house is open. She takes broom to beat the thief but stops seeing Sanju there. He tells her that he prepared tea for her she was the one gave key to him. She praises the taste of his tea. Neeti informs to him that they decided to don’t invite anyone for marriage but she called her mom. She apologized to him and says that her friend made her understand this. Sanju consoles her and assures to her that he has no problems with her mom’s presence. He assures to her that he will make her mom accept him as good partner to her. She asks him Is he wanna share anything to her? He side hugs her and spends time with her. He excuses her reasoning he wanna attend conference call. Neeti feels happy to see the care of him. He backs hugs her and propose her.

Amrit stops Rajeev and enquires him where did he went? He says that he went to office. He asks him to stop lying because he went to his office and learnt everything. He shares to him how did Parineet cooked for him. Monty enquires him about his feelings? He gives some idea to him how to deal with Parineet. Rajeev excuses him from there. Later he goes to his room his office staff call him to join in the conference call. Parineet asks permission to Rajeev Is he has any problems if she become cultural consultant. Rajeev thinks if she get busy then she won’t call him often and give permission to her. Parineet feels happy and thank him in happiness. She thinks he is so understanding and supporting her.

She thank god for bringing a good match to her. Meanwhile Rajeev drifts into sleep while attending the conference call. Parineet helps him to sleep properly without disturbing him. She admires him sleeping peacefully.

Next day Rajeev wakes up and thinks he drifted into sleep on bed yesterday. He searches for Parineet and find her working with Chandrika. He listens her smile and stares her behind pillar. He admires her forgetting himself. She notices him staring her Chandrika teases them. Rajeev asks Preeti to bring tea to his room and leaves.

Precap: Sukinder will inform to Neeti that she will stay there itself if she don’t come to pick her. Neeti will assure her fiancee come to pick her up.

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