Parineetii 6th October 2022 Written Update: Parminder to ignore Rajeev


Parineetii 6th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti assuring Parineet that her husband will return to her. Gurinder arranged everything for the ring ceremony. She asks Tai ji where she is going. Let’s finish this ritual. Tai ji sits there uninterested. Relatives praised Neeti and told her that she was a perfect daughter-in-law to her. Gurinder praised Neeti for being a working woman. She is an airhostess. She indirectly insults Parineet for being a house wife. Simi gets irritated when Gurinder brings up her wedding topic. Neeti wishes her to get a good partner in the future. Gurinder narrates the rules to Neeti. They encouraged Rajeev to find the ring. He finds the ring in the first round. While playing, a child pushes Parineet.

Parineet falls and gets her ring in her hand. Relatives say that the ring got into her hand. Neeti tells her that their destiny was like that. Relatives share with her that it’s a bad omen. They shouldn’t take it easily. Gurinder asks them to leave this matter. She shares with Neeti that she may be feeling tired. Parineet would show her her room. Neeti inquires her. Isn’t Parineet new to this house? How would she show room to her? Parineet lies to her that she was there when Tai ji fell sick.

Parineet shows her room to her. Neeti likes the room. Neeti asks her why she is looking dull? ? Doesn’t she happy for her? She is going to start a new life here. Parineet asks her to stop worrying about her and concentrate on her life. Time will change everything. Parineet asks her to cherish this moment she is leaving. Neeti asks her where she is going? Doesn’t Rajeev leave her alone at home? What’s the need to think about him when he doesn’t care about her? When a husband is not thinking about his wife, she shouldn’t give heed to him. If she was in her place, then she would have to teach him a lesson. Parineet convinced her. Neeti asks her to stay in the guest room. Neeti shares with Parineet that her favourite movie is released. They watched the movie trailer together. Neeti talks excited with her to motivate her. Parineet agreed to stay with her for Neeti’s sake.

Tai ji ignores Rajeev. He thank her for accepting Neeti in this house. He apologized to her. Tai ji adds that he shouldn’t apologize to her but she wants to apologise to him. He doesn’t done a good work to appreciate him. She shows her frustration on him. He doesn’t have shame to play such drama with them and break Parineet’s heart. She was hiding all pain with her for family’s sake. She clears with him that Parineet is her daughter in law. She won’t accept Neeti. Doesn’t she saw Parineet sacrifice for his happiness. She was doing everything for her. But he was blind in love with Neeti. That is why he couldn’t see her love for him.

Tai ji adds that she got enough. She demands him to leave from there. Gurinder asks her why should her leave from here? She shouldn’t forget that she have equal rights in this house. He won’t leave from here. He will live here. Gurinder adds that it’s Rajeev’s life. He will decide whether he love Neeti or Parineet. She shouldn’t take any decisions in her life. Tai ji complaints that doesn’t she arranged his marriage with Parineet when she learnt his love for Neeti. But today she is hurting Parineet for Neeti. How could she break Parineet heart by praising Neeti in front of her.

Tai ji adds that Gurinder always think about her life. She is taking decision selfish. Both gets into an argument. Rajeev asks Gurinder to calm down. Tai ji complaint that he doesn’t think about this family and making fun with their feelings. Parineet tells her that Rajeev is her son always. It’s his life he have all rights to love Neeti. Doesn’t she promised her to accept her. She is aware that she is worrying about her. Stop worrying about her and think about Rajeev. He got his love and Neeti got her in laws. Tai ji asks her what did she got in her life expect pain and betrayal. Parineet tells her that their happiness is hers. Parineet pleads with Tai ji to accept them. She shouldn’t snatch their happiness. Rajeev pleads with her to don’t ignore him. He apologized to her for his deeds. He is ready to listen her but don’t ask him to leave from her.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti would find the trophy in a room and inquires about it to Parineet.

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