Parineetii 7th November 2022 Written Update: Parineet tries to avoid disaster


Parineetii 7th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Monty inviting Simi to dance on stage. She says to him that she isn’t interested in dancing on the stage. Chandrika asks her to go and dance. She asks Chandrika to dance if she is interested. She insults her by saying she only knows how to dance the Bangali dance.

Monty plays songs for her. She performed on the stage. Everyone claps for her. Meanwhile, Sanju says to Neeti that she is in 2022 but she is still thinking like an old woman. Why is she taking these small things with her?

Neeti tells him that Gurpreet gives more importance to such things than her. Sanju asks her to stop creating issues over this. Sanju tries to be romantic with her and asks her to plan for a second baby. She denied it.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet thinks that Monty is inviting everyone to perform on stage except Parineet. Who is this house’s daughter-in-law? She gives Parineet’s name to Monty.

Monty thinks that he got stuck in between them. He thinks that Rajeev will get caught today. Parineet says to Gurpreet that she doesn’t like to dance. Gurpreet tells her that she wants to dance today because she is the daughter-in -law of this house. She asks Chandrika to take Rajeev inside.

Gurinder says to Tai ji that she may be enjoying this scene. Tai ji asks her to stop smiling. If Gurpreet comes to know the truth, then she won’t be able to live in Barnala. Meanwhile, Sanju and Neeti are discussing their baby’s future.

Chandrika shares with them that everyone is searching for them. Parineet is dancing on the stage. Neeti says to Sanju that Parineet will feel better near her mom. Because of Rajeev, she is in this state. Gurpreet asks Sanju to dance with Parineet on the stage.

Sanju and Parineet are dancing together on the stage. Gurpreet covered their video. Neeti, it hurts to see them together. Chandrika says to Tai ji that Parineet may be feeling uncomfortable with him in front of Neeti.

Tai ji tells her that everything is happening for a reason. They praised Parineet and Rajeev Jodi. Sanju thinks that Parineet doesn’t want to be with him, but he doesn’t have any other option than this to make Gurpreet happy.

Neeti walks away from there. Gurpreet praised their performance. Sanju excuses her and goes behind Neeti. Parineet thinks that they will be caught if she stays there longer.

She asks Gurpreet to leave, reasoning they shouldn’t keep their house in darkness on Diwali. Gurpreet greets everyone and takes his leave. Meanwhile, Sanju asks Neeti what happened?

Neeti shares with him that she doesn’t feel good here. First, Gurpreet blessed them together and they danced together on the stage. She feels like they are hiding something big from her. Sanju tries to manage the situation but Neeti says that he is behaving like he was aware of everything.

Later, Parineet shares with Tai ji that mom didn’t find out the truth by God’s grace. Tai ji inquires her what actually happened? Parineet shares with her that she lied to her and that it was a misunderstanding that came between Rajeev and her because of a third person. Chandrika asks Parineet to stay there until every problem gets solved. Tai ji supports her too.

Sanju says to Neeti that Gurpreet is a heart patient. She wasn’t happy with Parineet’s in-laws. She inquired him about her inlaw’s. Parineet was sad there. He doesn’t have any option in his hand to convince her. He gave company to Parineet.

Gurpreet and his family members were happy after that. She asks him, Isn’t he hiding anything else from her? He nodded to her. Neeti takes Sanju outside and gets everyone’s attention. She shares with them that family members accept her and give love to her.

Everything is possible because of Parineet. She is thankful for her. Sanju is important to her in her life. He is her everything. She kneels down in front of Sanju and shows the rings to him. Sanju gets hurt seeing Parineet looking sad.

Neeti makes him wear the ring. Gurinder asks everyone to clap for them. She praised Neeti as a good daughter-in-law. Sanju thinks that she is intentionally doing it to insult Parineet. He thinks that he doesn’t like someone insulting Parineet in that way.

Episode end

Precap: Neeti and Rajeev will take Arathi to God. Neeti will faint down while talking arathi. Parineet will take hold of the arathi and take it along with Rajeev. Neeti will be shocked by seeing it.

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