Parineetii 8th June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev helps Neeti


Parineetii 8th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet assures to Chandrika that Rajeev will reach on time. Gurinder asks Chandrika why didn’t Rajeev come yet? Parineet brings Sukhwinder there she greets her. She introduces herself to her and says she is here to attend her daughter’s marriage. She invites her to attend the marriage. Gurinder assures to attend the marriage. Parineet thinks what will Neeti think about it. Gurinder scolds Chandrika for being careless. She assures her that she will contact him and leaves.

Meanwhile Rajeev sneaks inside the house and hides Sukhwinder’s bag inside shopping cover. He plans to cover up the situation there and impress everyone. Gurinder tries to contact Rajeev but Priest asks them to start the pooja. Everyone arranges there to attend the pooja. Simi dislikes the way Parineet asks her to put veil on her head. Priest start the pooja with Parineet. Rajeev comes there and tries to sits beside Parineet. But his brother takes him from there to make him wash his hand so Sukhwinder fails to notice him.

When he returns to sit beside Parineet smoke comes there and makes everyone vision blurred. Rajeev helps Sukhwinder to leave from there. He says to her he was also closed his eyes but he is familiar of each and every corner of his house. Meanwhile Parineet helps Gurinder there. Parineet feels happy to see his care on her. Parineet puts rose water to them. Simi informs to them priest calling them. Rajeev holds Parineet hand while close his eyes. She feels happy to see the way he holds her. He asks her to guide him reasoning his eyes are burning.

Rajeev stops her from leaving and tells her he feels comfortable with her when she is near him. She says to him she gonna bring water to wash his eyes. Gurinder and Sukhwinder feels better after Parineet put rose water in their eyes. She couldn’t see Rajeev’s face while Parineet helping him to wipe his face. She thinks that both are looking good together. Then Gurinder and Sukhwinder sits in back side to escape from smoke. Rajeev and Parineet sits together to attend the pooja.

Meanwhile Neeti asks Driver to take the cab but he informs her that are in strike. Due to payment issue they were in strike. Neeti argues with them and calls to Rajeev. Gurinder scolds Rajeev for not turning off his phone while attending pooja. She snatched his phone from him. Neeti gets disappointed when he didn’t attend the call. Rajeev takes his mobile back while everyone close their eyes. He attends the call and learns from her that there was strike. He assures to pick her up in 10 minutes. He informs to Parineet and leaves from there.

Neeti gets happy to see Sanju there and thank him for saved her mom’s purse. She asks him Is her mom liked him? He assures to her that she liked him a lot. Neeti alerts him that he shouldn’t look down on his mom because he need a perfect son in law. He says that he can able to impress her. He says let’s pick up Sukhwinder from her friend house. She says it’s better idea and goes there.Parineet gives Prasad to everyone after the pooja end.

Precap; Rakesh’s goons notice Parineet in Chandigarh and informs to Rakesh They chases behind Parineet

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