Parineetii 9th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer protects Parineet


Parineetii 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sony shares to Parineet that her husband send her to kidnap Mishika. Parineet questions them doesn’t they have humanity to treat this kid in this way. Vicky comes there to save Parineet but Micky points gun at him. Sony demands Parineet to carry Mishika and walk in front of her then only no one will doubt on her. Vicky signals her to follow them. Ajay and his friends are discussing about the recent incidents.

Ajay says to him Sanju reached there on time that’s why they got escaped or else they would have ended up in trouble. Ajay hides seeing Parineet there and tells him she shouldn’t see his face. His friend tells him that she is cultural consultant so they won’t get caught. He asks him to take her number it will useful for his marriage. Meanwhile Rajveer notices Parineet leaving carrying Mishika there. He doubts why did Sony following her. Cab driver wife lashes out at him for not return to home on time. He noticed Balwinder in unconscious state and Micky pointed gun at Vicky. Driver lies to them building caught fire.

While he escaping Vicky, Driver surrounds him. Balwinder beats Micky from behind. He faints after that Driver and Vicky thinks what should they do with them? Vicky asks driver to lock them inside the room and leaves. Mansi notices Parineet there. Sony informs her let’s take both of them. Sony tells her she will sell beautiful girl like Parineet too. Parineet tells her that they are day dreaming to kidnap her from here. She is god’s child, definitely her husband will come to save her. Goons surrounds Parineet and Mishika there. Parineet shouts Rajveer name for help.

Neeti and Rajveer hears voice and doubts something is wrong. Driver takes Micky to room and tries to lock him inside but he gets conscious and runs from there pushing him away. Sony demands Mansi to close Parineet’s mouth and takes Mishika from her hand. Rajveer comes there and stops them. Sony ordered goons to beat Rajveer there. He fights with them Neeti and relatives joins with them.

Parineet searches for Rajveer there. Monty lies to her he went to another side. Vicky too comes there and demand them to return the baby. Micky points gun at them in threatening way. Sony warns them to don’t try to stop them or else they will kill everyone there. Sanju says to Neeti that she is not his friend. Parineet pleads with her to leave that baby and takes money and jewels instead. Sony says that kids parents are not cared on her then why are they ready to sacrifice their life for her. She complaints that Parineet keeps praising her husband where is him? She pushes her down but Rajveer holds her on time.

Everyone fights with each other driver contacts police. Micky shoots there to stop everyone there. Police comes there on time and arrest the kidnappers. Sony warns Parineet that she will never leave her. Parineet asked Vicky what to do with this kid? Simi informs to Parineet that she is Mishika. Parineet gets happy to learn the truth. Mishika give a kiss to Parineet and thank her for saving her.

Episode end

Precap; Priest will inform to Sukhwinder vermilion missing in it. Sukhwinder will ask Parineet to bring the Vermilion. Priest will ask Rajveer to tie the knot with Neeti but he hesitate to do it. Parineet will ask him to tie the nuptial chain on her neck.

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