Parineetii 9th March 2022 Written Update: Rajiv and Rakesh gets into a fight


Parineetii 9th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with pari and Rajiv are going inside their room till the time the main functions of marriage started. The cousin sisters of Rajiv and Pari are teasing them and pulling their legs. Pari gets shy seeing him when Monty asks Pari if she likes his brother or not. The sisters of Pari says that who will not like a handsome guy like Rajiv, we feel our sister Pari is way too lucky that she got a man like Rajiv. Rajiv says that we really don’t know who is lucky and not but if you ask about choices then there are people in this world who even rejected me as well. He remembers the words of Niti and gets upset

. On the other hand, Pari asks her sisters not to tease her like this always. She asks them to stay away from her while Rajiv thinks in his mind that Pari doesn’t have any voice of her own. He says she must marry me because she was told to marry me. I really don’t think she has an opinion of her own and he goes inside to get fresh when he notices that there is already someone in his room. Rajiv asks the man what he is doing here and he turns back. Now he is facing Rajiv and Rajiv gets successful in recognising him. Rajiv asks him what are you doing here and both of them get into a physical tiff.

Rakesh tries to strangle Rajiv but Rajiv uses his full force to get free from his clutches and says to him that I am not answerable to you about anything. Why should I tell you why I am marrying Pari ? It is none of your business you need to leave this place right now. Rakesh says to him, “Do you think I will let you marry Pari without my interference ?” She is mine and I will marry her and then I will celebrate my special night with her and then you can keep her and take care of her when I will abandon her.

Rajeev says that I will not let you do anything like this with her. Forget doing anything I will not even let you come close to Pari as well. Rajeev is dragging Rakesh out of the room but Rakesh grabs a vase and hits Rajiv on head and he faints. He asks his men to help him out to get Rajiv out of the room. However at the same time he comes into his room to talk to him and she gets so surprised to see the band people are inside the room and they are doing the cleaning work.

She meets with Shera and Rakesh both but could not recognise them but she can sense something odd in their words and behaviour. She goes from there when Vikram after sometime comes in the room of Rajiv to make his friend meet with the groom. But it was Rakesh who was present in the room and he could not reveal his face due to that. Later on Rima meets Pari and gives her good wishes for marriage.

Precap – Rakesh is revealed in front of the cousin of Pari. Vikrant caught Shera while they are taking Rajiv out of the house.

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