Parineetii Upcoming Story: Neeti to learn the truth


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Parineeti is Colors TVs Popular show. This show never fails to entertain it’s audience with the unique story line. Now serial focusing on Parineet to learn the truth!

In the previous episode we saw: Parineet went to help Mandeep. Rakesh used that situation to kill Neeti. Neeti struggled to breath there. Parineet came back to find out something fishy there. She doubted someone trying to kill Neeti.

Rakesh scared to get caught. Parineet noticed him hiding and beaten him. He pushed her away and escaped from thete. Parineet alerted Harman about it.

MLA slapped Rakesh there. He lashed out at him for trying to kill Neeti even after he warned him. He warned him to stop behaving like this and said to him if his party didn’t win in election then he won’t leave him.

Later Rakesh argued with Sehar. Parineet found out Rakesh was the culprit by checking CCTV footage. Sehar alerted Rakesh and stole the pendrive from her. Later Sanju learnt from doctor that Neeti met with an accident.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Doctor will try their best to treat Neeti. She will say to nurse she is not responding to medicine.

Doctor will tell to Sanju she needs bloods it’s rare group. He will fall on her feet to save his wife. He will reveal to her she is his love and everything. Parineet will hear it.

What will happen next?

When will Parineet find out the truth?

Will Parineet sacrifice her life for Neeti?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.