Parineetii Upcoming Story: Parineet to seek Rajeev’s help!


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Parineetii is Colors TV’s popular show. This show never fails to entertain its audience with the unique story line. Now serial focusing on Parineet will be in Danger!

In the previous episode we saw; Parineet assured to Chandrika that Rajeev will reach on time. Gurinder enquired to Chandrika about Rajeev just then Sukhwinder greeted her. She informed Gurinder that she was here to perform Neeti’s wedding. She invited her to attend her marriage. Gurinder agreed to attend it. Priest started the pooja with Parineet. Rajeev returned to home and hidden the bag in shipping cover. He about to sat with Parineet but his brother stopped him.

Sukhwinder failed to notice him. Later he sat beside Parineet but smoke formed there and gave irritation to everyone’s eyes. Parineet helped Gurinder and Rajeev helped Sukhwinder while closed his eyes. Parineet gave rose water to all. Rajeev asked Parineet to be near him reasoning he was comfortable with her. Both sat in pooja again.

Meanwhile Neeti was stuck due to strike she couldn’t return home. She called Rajeev but Gurinder snatched his phone from him. He somehow attend her call and assured to help Neeti. Later he informed to Parineet and left from there. He picked up Neeti.

She thanked him for saved her mom and gave lift to her. He shared to her that he already impressed her mom. Neeti alerted him that he should be careful near her mom. Here Parineet completed the pooja and gave Prasad to all.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Goons will notice Parineet in Chandigarh. They will contact Rakesh and alert him about her whereabouts. Rakesh will ask Goons to finish her. Goons will follow Parineet. she will phone Rajeev to help her.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev help Parineet? How will Parineet escape from goons?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.