Parineetii Upcoming Story: Will Arjun be able to diffuse Rajeev’s jacket bomb?


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Color TV’s popular show Parineetii is witnessing an interesting track where Rajeev abandons Parineet.

As reported earlier it’s shown that Kiran warns media people to not telecast live and asks them to telecast that the main culprit Akash’s mom is with them. Arjun takes her aside and asks what’s she doing. She tells it’s the way to divert the attention of Robbers. Media people telecast the news. Akash’s mother comes to meet Kiran. She finds Akash and Mukesh are brothers. Monty stops Rajeev from revealing the truth to Neeti. Aksh and his men enter the room and make them unconscious then they put men and women in different rooms.

Pari makes Neeti gains conscious. Both feel elated to meet each other. Vikram reveals to Monty and Rajeev that Pari’s best friend entered the bank and she will teach lesson to these robbers. Mukesh informs the matter to Akash. Akash tells him he has a backup plan. Neeti decides to teach lessons to robbers by failing their robbery attempt.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Rajeev will tell Monty that he will marry Neeti this week only after they go out of the bank. Akash will say I will send Rajeev and Neeti outside the bank with bomb jackets on which will explode in 5 minutes so send me gold before that time. Arjun will try to diffuse the bomb. Neeti will feel worried for Sanju.
Will Neeti and Parineet find the lies of Rajeev? Will Neeti save Sanju?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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