Parineetii Upcoming Story: Will Parineet sacrifice her happiness for Neeti


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Parineeti is Colors TV’s popular show. This show never fails to entertain its audience with a unique story line. Now, the series is focusing on Parineet to help Neeti

In the recent episode we see; Tai Ji consoling Parineet that nothing will happen to her. Chandrika asks her to drink water. Parineet asks them what she did wrong to punish her like that? Chandrika motivates her to come out of this situation.

Tai ji tells her that she hasn’t done anything wrong but all the mistakes made by Gurinder and her son. They messed up everything. Because of them, the whole family is struggling. Rajeev asks her why she is blaming him for everything. What’s wrong with it if he confesses all the truth to Neeti?

Tai ji tells him that Neeti will leave him after she learns the truth. Parineet is also his wife. Why doesn’t he listen to her words? Parineet inquires the doctor about her mom’s health? He assured her that she was doing better now.

Parineet accused Rajeev for the reason behind her state. Rajeev complained that she stopped him from confessing all complaints to Neeti and creating a scene there. She accuses him of it. The Nurse asks Parineet to meet her mom.

Tai ji advised her to not share anything with her reasoning because she was already sick. Parineet is worried about her health and thinks about what she will answer to her questions. Rajeev revealed the truth to Neeti. She get panic attack. Doctor informed to her that Neeti is no more. Parineet realised that she dreamt this all.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see: Neeti will demand Rajeev to fill her hairline with vermilion. Rajeev will tell her that he doesn’t have Vermilion. Parineet will tell her that she have it and share it with Neeti. Rajeev will fill her hairline with vermilion

What will happen next?

When will Parineet reveal the truth to Neeti?

Will Parineet sacrifice her life for Neeti?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.