Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story 16th September 2020 : Pranati identifies Vardhan as her culprit

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with few women from women welfare coming to Khuranna mansion. They scolds Dadi for keeping a characterless girl in the house and shouts at her to bring her out. Dadi asks them to go out but they didn’t listen and Rhea tries arguing with them. Later it’s revealed that it’s all Dadi’s plan to throw Pranati out of the house. They ask them to call Pranati outside and Archit comes there. He asks how could they character assassinate a girl who is innocent. They taunt him for supporting his love and says they saw him getting caught in raid along with Pranati. Rhea pleads them to not shout as she’d I’ll but they call it drama.

Reyaansh comes out hearing the shouts and asks why are they creating issue without any proof. They shouts at him too to bring Pranati and says about Archit being there too. Reyaansh drags Archit out and asks what’s he doing there. Archit says what else can he do as he neither picks his call nor he could find what happened to Pranati. Reyaansh says Pranati is out of danger and Archit asks what happened to him as he’s speaking so nice with him. Reyaansh taunts him asking if he only understands if he shouts at him. Jugnu comes there and asks why there’s shouts at home. Reyaansh says its nothing and takes in.

The women starts shouting for Pranati and a tired Pranati starts descending down the stairs. She’s very weak and couldn’t stand properly. Rhea asks her to go in but Pranati goes to them. They call her not only a characterless woman but also a characterless mother. Pranati asks being a woman how could they accuse another woman without any proof. She asks what do they know about what happened there and they say that they saw everything in TV when they were dragged by police.

Pranati says that she has gone there only for her project presentation but none believes it. They asks what happened after that but Pranati couldn’t remember. They call it her drama and asks her to leave the house. They asks her to leave the child in the house else they themselves will give statement against her during custody case that she’s not fit to be mother. Pranati says that she’ll not go anywhere leaving her child but they force her to go. Pranati tries recalling everything and Reyaansh prays God to make Pranati remember what happened.

Pranati recalls whatever happened and shouts that it’s Vardhan who’s her culprit shocking him. She says that it was Vardhan who was present in the hotel room and he forced himself on her shocking everyone. She holds him by collar and asks him to say the truth that it was him who tried talking advantage of her. Vardhan denies all the accusations and in return blames Pranati for trying to tarnish his image. He calls her opportunist and characterless. A furious Pranati is about to slap him but Reyaansh stops her.