Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story : Armaan badmouths Pranati angering Reyaansh

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Pranati saying Reyaansh that he’s trying to change himself into stonehearted. She says he knows the real meaning of responsibility. Pranati then asks him to stop acting good in front of her as it doesn’t suit him. She leaves the room while Reyaansh goes to his cupboard. He picks a drawing from it and says that she doesn’t know why he’s doing all this. Jugnu eats pani puri and asks about the price but the person asks her to not give money and offers to give for free daily. Jugnu makes deal with her and leaves. The lady says that she doesn’t want money but something else from her.

Dadi finds Pranati teaching Rhea and gets worried that she would upset her in any way. She calls her aside and warns her to not make Rhea upset as her happiness matters to her. Pranati asks why does it matter to her. Dadi thinks that if Pranati gets to know the truth her plan will be spoiled and tries making some excuse. Reyaansh comes there and manages the situation but Pranati gets doubtful. She questions Reyaansh whether if its true that Armaan loves Rhea. Reyaansh says yes but Pranati doesn’t believe him and calls Armaan. Navya picks the call and gets shocked seeing Pranati name. She answers the phone and Pranati gets shocked hearing a girl’s voice. Armaan cuts the call and lies to Navya that it’s some other Pranati.

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On the other hand Pranati says to Reyaansh about someone picking up the call and denies believing Reyaansh. She questions Armaan once he’s back and Armaan lies that he loves Rhea as Reyaansh signalled him. He lies that he has some business left with that girl and that’s why he went there. He pretends to be madly in love with Rhea. Pranati warns him to let his ex remain in past if she wants her to help him. Pranati leaves and Armaan thanks Reyaansh. Reyaansh warns him to behave as he very well know about the type of business he was doing. Armaan thinks that it’s fun to fool Pranati.

Pranati is teaching Rhea while Reyaansh makes coffee to impress Rhea. His hand gets burnt in the process. He asks Armaan to leave taking the coffee. Armaan leaves with the coffee and brings it to Pranati and Rhea. He sweet talks in front of Rhea and behaves humble. He says Pranati that Reyaansh called her abs and signals her to leave. Pranati leaves giving space to them while Armaan flirts with Rhea. He traps her in his plan. Pranati comes out and finds Reyaansh applying ice to his wound. She thinks he’s faking it and leaves teasing him. Armaan comes there and thanks Pranati for giving him chance. He badmouths her saying that she’s doing it to impress Reyaansh whom she still loves. Reyaansh gets angry with his words and Armaan says that even he has feelings for her. Reyaansh gets into thinking.

Precap : Reyaansh admires Pranati and starts feeling for her.