Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Pranati chasing Jugnu for getting ready to school. Reyaansh unwontedly takes Pranati and Jugnu to school. A girl comes there who seems to be his ex and he sends Pranati and Jugnu inside while he flirts with her. Pranati pleads Principal to accept Jugnu’s admission in mid year.

Jugnu recalls Dadi’s words about interview and performs poor and Reyaansh supports her. Principal denies giving admission for her and asks her to Jugnu’s homeschooling till next year. Pranati gets disheartened while Jugnu gets happy. Dadi waits for the good news about admission not given when Pranati breaks her bubble revealing that Jugnu has got admission. She recalls the time when Pranati pleaded Principal to give Jugnu’s admission in sports quota. She provokes Jugnu by belittling her calling her weak and Jugnu gets furious and performs well in sports securing her seat. Dadi fumes while Pranati asks Jugnu to leave while she brings her food.

Pranati on stairs bumps with Neha who’s taking food for her room. She asks if she won’t eat together with family but she bluntly replies that none in the family eats together. She recalls her earlier conversation with her while Neha leaves. Servant Maid says Pranati that this is the habit of the family and asks her not to worry. Pranati asks if she has made all the food she asked her to. She says that they all look like Junk food but filled with nutritions. Servant Maid says that she makes her recall Reyaansh’s mother who’s exactly like her. She however quickly identifies her mistake and shuts up while Pranati gets more doubtful.

Pranati serves the nutritious junk food to Jugnu and along with Jugnu everyone enjoys it too. Jugnu mocks Pranati for being Mother India and asks if his mother also like her. Reyaansh gets upset and leaves and Pranati follows him. Pranati says that she knows his mother is sensitive topic for him and that’s the reason he’s even this way. Reyaansh asks her to mind her business and asks what she knows about his mother. He says only he knows the pain when someone throws our heart away. Pranati says that even he did the same with her but she did overcome it. She asks him to try once too but he doesn’t listen. Instead he advises Pranati to not show so much love on Jugnu as she’ll get heartbroken in the end just like him and leaves.

Pranati searches for Jugnu to get her ready to school but couldn’t find. Reyaansh and his brothers come home drunk after partying whole night while Pranati orders Reyaansh to find Jugnu as she’s his resemblance. Dadi hears some weird sounds in her room and shouts finding someone under her bed. Reyaansh and Pranati rush to her room and it’s revealed to be Jugnu. Pranati drags Jugnu with her and blackmails her once again with court decision if she doesn’t go to school and Jugnu leaves fuming to get ready. Dadi comes there and puts ideas into Jugnu’s mind to scare people in order to escape school and Jugnu gets in her words.

Pranati takes Jugnu’s bag to keep Tiffin box but Jugnu herself keeps it indicating that she has something in it. Reyaansh drops Pranati and Jugnu at school and goes to library with Pranati on her insistence. Archit too comes there with his sister who brought him there to lift up his mood. Pranati behaves harsh with him when he tried talking with her and hurts him.

Precap : Someone keeps a watch on Jugnu.