Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story :Pranati finds out Armaan’s true nature

Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The episode starts with Reyaansh calling Jugnu and Jugnu comes dressed up. Pranati admires Jugnu. Reyaansh and Pranati compliment each other in their mind. Rhea and her family comes and Dadi welcomes them. Dadi butters Rhea. She sends Reyaansh to check whether Armaan is ready or not.

Armaan calls Navya to bring the ring. Reyaansh comes there and warns Armaan to not create any mess as many important people are downstairs. He signals Maan to take care. Navya comes there and Maan greets her. She asks what’s the party for and Maan lies that it’s official engagement of Pranati and Reyaansh. Navya asks Maan to call Armaan there else she’ll go inside to give the ring. Reyaansh notices them together but leaves.

Maan in order to hide Navya pushes her but Navya slaps him and says that she’s pregnant. Pranati sees her and wonders why she’s here. Maan brings Armaan who lies that he’s happy with her pregnancy. Navya asks him to take a decision soon as she’s pregnant. Pranati hears it and gets shocked while Armaan sends her off taking the ring. Pranati runs after Navya but she leaves in her car. Pranati gets shocked. Dadi searches for Pranati as Reyaansh to bring her as Mallika is there.

Celebrations start when Pranati shouts to stop. She says that the engagement can’t happen. Dadi asks Reyaansh to stop Pranati before she creates a drama. Dadi tries handling but Pranati doesn’t listen. She asks me Armaan his lies about loving Rhea and all his big words. Armaan says that he does love Rhea and Reyaansh supports him. Pranati asks Armaan to explain about his love. She says about Armaan claiming to love Rhea and getting Navya pregnant. Dadi and Reyaansh mocks Pranati and asks Bishambar to continue with the engagement. Pranati denies and shouts at him saying that it’s the matter of two lives – Rhea and Navya.

Reyaansh also tries making Pranati understand but she doesn’t listen. She decides to call Navya there when Maan shouts that it’s his child. He says that he loves Navya and shouts at Pranati for revealing his secrets due to misunderstanding. He shows their photos and chats as proof and scolds her for acting immature. Pranati stands shocked while Daadi calls it all a misunderstanding and asks them to continue with the function. However Reyaansh’s father demands Pranati to apologise everyone and they all stands shocked.

In Upcoming Episode : Reyaansh and Pranati engagement. Dadi insults Pranati. Armaan badmouths Pranati and Reyaansh slaps him.