Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story : How will Mayura save Omkar??


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In the revenge game chase of Mayura and Omkar we had previously seen that Omkar was poisoned by Ashwaria. However Mayura saved him on time by removing poison from his body. Omkar has an emotional surge. While Mayura was sleeping he kissed her on cheeks and later regrets thinking why he did so. He leaves out of home with Ashwaria for honeymoon.
Later Mayura gets worried about his safety as he had been attacked with proper planning. She shows her concern to Sankar. They plan together and find out location of Omkar and Mayura goes there.
On other hand Ashwaria calls Manish to same location to carry out their plan to end Omkar’s life.. Manjiri and Shankar also goes to Omkar’s location after Manjiri receives letter from Guruji about danger to Omkar ‘s life during next seven days. Mayura tells Omkar they married twice but he didn’t bring her to honeymoon so she came herself. Omkar gets annoyed. But takes her along in the car. After a while, he forces Mayura to get out of the car and leaves her alone in the middle of jungle. Later Ashwaria attacks Omkar and makes him fall unconscious.

In the upcoming episode we will see how Manish and Ashwaria drags unconscious Omkar in the jungle. Also Mayura reaches the location and sees the car empty but Omkar’s wallet is there so she gets suspicious.

Will Mayura be able to save Omkar?

Will Ashwaria ‘s real face be revealed?

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