Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th March 2021 Written Update: Mayura makes everyone intoxicated by adding bhaang to Thandai

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th March 2021 Written Update on On

The episode starts with Tara seeing kids playing holi with their families and feel upset. Omkar asks Manjiri if all preparations are done. Manjiri asks him if the tickets are with him. He shows the tickets and says they will leave tomorrow and never come back to this city. Tara comes there crying. Omkar gets worried and asks why is she crying. Tara pleads that she wants to play holi with her nurse friend before going back. But Omkar lies to her saying he had called her but she denied to come as she has to spend holi with her family. Tara asks if he had really called her, Omkar convinces her. Mayura disguises as Nayan and asks Shankar to once let her talk to Tara. Shankar gives the videocall to Tara.

Tara asks Mayura why she didn’t come even after Omkar called her. Mayura asks her if she wants to go. Tara denies and says she wants to stay with nurse friend and Pari ma. Mayura tells her plan to Tara and asks her to act bravely then Omkar won’t take her anywhere. Omkar comes and asks Shankar what was he showing to Tara on phone. He says he was just showing videos of how holi colors can be harmful as Tara is being stubborn about playing holi. He signals Tara and she starts crying and asking to let her play holi with nurse friend. She lies down of floor and acts stubborn. Shankar gives example of Omkar’s childhood and says his daughter is stubborn like him.

Tara cries vigorously and says her pari ma would have fulfilled her wish but Omkar isnt doing so. Sulekha and Ashutosh ask Mayura if she is confident enough that Tara can do all that she told her. Mayura says she is her daughter and will surely do it. Omkar calls her and tells her to come to his house asap as Tara wants to play holi with her. Mayura says he had thrown her out of job but Omkar asks her to come for one day.

Omkar tells Tara not to be upset and they will play holi. She asks if her nurse friend will come, Omkar says she will. Tara gets excited and goes to get ready. Manjiri says Tara’s skin may get damaged due to colors. Omkar tells they won’t play holi with water and colors instead with flowers. Shankar requests him to do arrangements for thandai. Omkar says everything will be there and they will celebrate holi with proper function and make it memorable for Tara. Megha and Sanjay come home. They have returned back from dubai, whole family greets them happily. Ashutosh tries to deviate their attention while Mayura leaves to meet Tara.

Megha applies organic colors to everyone and ask about Mayura. Ashutosh lies and says she is sick and admitted in hospital. He asks Megha to meet Mayura next day. At Omkar’s house, Tara is very happy. Omkar opens his arms for Tara but she passes by him and goes to hug Mayura. Omkar feels upset. Tara makes everyone dance. Mayura slips and falls in Omkar’s arms. Mayura mixes something in thandai and serves it to everyone. Omkar also get intoxicated. Omkar sees Mayura taking Tara aside so he pulls her to one side.