Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Omkar feels suspicious

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura crying badly and thinking she cannot tell about Megha to her family members or else they will be more disturbed. She lies to Ashutosh that she is just feeling guilty because she isnt able to tell the truth to Megha. Mayura comes to Omkar’s house as Nayan. Megha texts her to come and take papers from her or else she will be forced to tell the truth to Omkar. She is reading the text when Omkar comes from opposite direction and collides with her. Phone falls down from her hand, Omkar asks her why is she so shocked. She makes excuse and quickly picks up the phone. Omkar’s men come there and he tells them that yesterday Mayura didn’t say anything so they should pick up her family members today. Mayura overhears this and panics. She tries to call her family but no one can be connected.

Mayura tells Shankar that she needs to go to house asap. Shankar asks her how will she go. She gets an idea by seeing reminder of Tara’s medicine on her phone. Omkar and Manjiri are talking when they suddenly hear a loud noise. Its Nayan who has broken Tara’s medicine bottle. Manjiri scolds her badly. Nayan insists on going to hospital and buying the medicine herself as servants may bring the wrong one. She quietly tells Shankar to give Tara the medicine she had kept aside safely. Omkar asks Manjiri to let Mayura go as she knows better about the medicine.

While Mayura takes an auto, Omkar starts following her and thinks he had doubt on her since Tara showed him drawing of nanaji. Omkar calls Manjiri and says he will catch Nayan red handed. Manjiri asks why she didnt inform her family by calling, Omkar tells he had placed jammers around their house so their phones aren’t working. He futher tells that if auto takes left turn for sure Nayan is culprit. But auto turns to right and Omkar gets shocked. He sees Nayan going to pharmacy and wonders if everything is just his suspicion. Mayura recalls how she had called Gupta uncle and asked she asked him to let her talk to Ashutosh as she cannot contact him. Auto jerks due to bumper on road due to which photoframe of Goddess falls down. While Mayura is about to pick it up she sees reflection on Omkar’s car in the photo. She realizes that everything is a trap and asks autorickshaw to turn right instead of left. Mayura talks to Ashutosh and confirms if he is fine.

Later Manjiri is playing around with Tara and shows everyone how Tara drew moustache on her face. Omkar laughs at her and says Tara did a great job. Manjiri sulks so Tara says she will draw moustache on herself too. But Omkar stops and scolds her as its a permanent marker. Tara tells Omkar he always keeps scolding her and she don’t want to play with him. She holds Nayan’s hands and says she will only play with her. Omkar looks on. Mayura meets Megha who gives her papers but Mayura tears them apart. She tells Megha that if she tells Omkar her truth, even Mayura will inform the money lenders about Megha’s location. She says she won’t be silent as this time its about her Tara so she won’t let anyone come in her way.

Omkar is sitting in his room and recalls Tara’s words. Tara comes to tells him sorry, Omkar tells he should tell her sorry and tells he isnt bad and loves her a lot. Tara says even nurse had explained her the same. Omkar and Tara spend time together, Mayura looks from outside the room and thinks its his last day with Tara. Manjiri comes there and asks Mayura why is she peeping in Omkar’s room. Omkar comes out and asks her to give an answer. She makes an excuse of having nightmare about Tara so she came to check.

Tara is playing with Omkar, Manjiri and Shankar while Mayura calls Shankar and asks him to help her as she needs to go and meet Dr. Khanna. Shankar makes excuses infront of others and calls Omkar with changed voice. He tells that a labor in factory has met with some accident and asks Omkar to come. Omkar panics and says he will go to factory. Manjiri tries to stop him but he goes. Mayura and Shankar fools Manjiri and she leaves to go to hospital. At hospital media is covering some news. Dr Khanna explains his plan to Mayura and she hopes she can make Tara free from Omkar’s cage. While Omkar gets call from his worker who informs him everything is fine at factory. The news of hospital is being shown but Omkar misses to see Mayura in it. The episode ends with Omkar and Nayan’s faces shown parallely.