Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th April 2021 Written Update: Manjiri’s plan fails

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura cooking and Tara getting very happy seeing it. Maid makes tea if Mayura and keeps it aside, while Mayura goes out ti receive call, Manjiri quickly mixes something in her tea. Mayura tells Ashutosh about getting Taea admitted in school. Mayura drinks the tea in which Manjiri had mixed something.
Manjiri peeks from side and maid comes to ask her if she wants something. Manjiri gets happy seeing Mayura drink the tea.

At breakfast table, Tara asks Omkar that both Omkar and Mayura should feed her one bite each alternatively. Omkar says always he only feeds her. But Tara says now Mayura is here so she should feed Tara too. Manjiri tells Omkar to bear for sometime. Tara asks Omkar and Mayura to feed each other and become friends again. Mayura starts feeling unwell. Tara asks her if she is ok, Mayura tells she is fine may be feeling unwell due to lack of sleep. Tara offers her water and then presses her head to make her feel better. Manjiri tells Omkar that the medicine is mixed makes people see what doesn’t exist. He will soon see Mayura getting embarrassed.

Later women from welfare organisation come and ask Tara how is she feeling with her mother. Tara says she is very happy, Mayura told her many stories, made good food and even will get her admitted to school where she can make many friends. Mayura brings plate of tea and biscuits and stumble a bit but then Manjiri starts acting weird and hallucinates that there is cockroach among the biscuits. She says there is cockroach and acts being afraid of it. Mayura laughs quietly. Omkar realizes she must have eaten the tablet which she was supposed to give to Mayura. Mayura recalls how she had come to know of Manjiri’s plan and played it back on her.

Mayura acts infront of ladies and says them its unsafe for Tara being with Manjiri seeing her activities. Manjiri acts crazy and says ship is flying. Tara gets amused and plays with her. Women organisation ladies warn Omkar and says if such mistakes are repeated he knows very well what their decision will be. Mayura tells Omkar that she is a doctor and knows very well how the tablet they mixed in her tea acts but instead of her, Manjiri ate it so she is acting this way. Omkar scolds her but Mayura says may be she should have made Omkar eat the medicine, so that ladies organisation would have given her decision today itself. She again challenges Omkar.

Omkar gives kadha to Manjiri so that she feels better. Omkar tells Manjiri that he cannot let Tara go to school as there might be many kids and Tara may get some disease from them. Omkar says now they should do something due to which Tara herself says she doesn’t want to stay with Mayura. Mayura tells Tara about her new school and prepares her for interview. But Omkar comes and lures her to play with teddy and new toys. Manjiri and Omkar try to instigate Tara against going to school by telling her false negative things about school. Mayura comes there and asks them why are they telling her wrong things. Tara gets stubborn and says she won’t go to school. Omkar tells Mayura she can never make his Tara go away from his life.

Mayura tries to make Omkar understand that Tara should go to school but he doesn’t listen and argues with her. Mayura talks to her mother and dadi and says Tara is afraid to go to school. Mayura thinks of a plan and gets happy. In morning Shankar and Mayura dress up in school uniform and says as Tara isnt going to school so she is taking Shankar. Mayura and Shankar tries to tell good things about school but Tara doesn’t gets convinced and goes with Omkar however listening to Mayura’s words Tara finally agrees to go to school. Mayura tells Omkar she won. Tara happily goes to school and later celebrates by cutting cake at Mayura’s home. Omkar is angry and vows to separate Tara and Mayura forever. The episode ends with Omkar and Mayura’s faces shown parallely.

Some goons attack Mayura and a new entry is shown.

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