Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Upcoming Story : Mayura tries to escape but fails.

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode begins with Omkar telling Ashutosh that to save you I got the inspector suspended. Flasback shows Omkar threatening the inspector. Omkar tells them he made media delete Mayura’s pic. Omkar orderer politicians to send Bulldozer and it was he who stopped him. Omkar says if I can do all these imagine what I can do to keep Mayura with me. Police,lawyers,everyone are in my pocket. Omkar tells Ashutosh you may be Mayura’s father but I am everyone’s father.

Mayura yells at Omkar to keep her family away from all these. Ashutosh says you maybe be big but Maa Ambe is bigger than everyone. Ashutosh says Mayura you have Maa Ambe’s power don’t be afraid you will destroy Omkar. Mayura remembers Omkar closing her in cage.Mayura feels emotionally frustrated. Megha says her parents that now Mayura ‘s whole life is spoiled now. Asuthosh says he will take help of his client and save her anyhow.

Mayura says her beauty is a curse for her. Piyush bangs the door and says to open it. Asuthosh says he will go to police. Megha says not to go or else Omkar will harm them too. Her family members say how can she think like this. Even Sanjay says her she is thinking like this about Mayura. Ashutosh tells her to help in filing case against Omkar. She says her career will get spoiled if she does so.
Mayura says she won’t give up.

Sanjay tells Mayura isn’t someone who will give up but they also should not sit idle and find some good way to save Mayura from Omkar as even little mistake can harm Mayura. Piyush recalls how Omkar blamed him. Omkar comes to Piyush with drinks can and says him to cool down his brain. He sits beside Piyush and asks him if he knows how much he loves him,that Piyush is his life but he doubted him and questioned him.

Piyush says Omkar he considers him as God, as a devotee he has right to question him, he asks Omkar why did he do all this. Omkar says he won’t understand as he isn’t married. He says it hurts when such doubtful questions about his own wife came to his mind. He says his method may be wrong but his intention was right. Then he says about Kundan and his friends, also Mayura ‘s cousin who were being close with her. Piyush looks on and recalls how Omkar had punished them who had misbehaved with Mayura, how he trapped Kundan and gave shock to Mayura’ s cousins. He says he deleted the footage from wedding day so that no one could see it. He says he did it all for Mayura and that Mayura won’t understand all this but he knows he is right. He says he has to be strict with her. He did so much for getting Mayura and now he won’t let her go.

Then he reminds Piyush how he helped him to get close to Mayura because he wanted good for Omkar. Similarly Omkar has been doing everything as he wants good for Mayura. He says Piyush he can slap him if he wants, but Piyush stops him and hugs him. Piyush cries and says sorry to Omkar for doubting him. Omkar tells Piyush to stop crying . Omkar goes to meet Mayura. He goes near Mayura with a candle and touches her cheeks. Then he carries her to bed and makes her lie down. He says her eyes are swelled due to crying and she may develop dark circles if she doesn’t sleep. Then he pats her head and hums a lullaby for her and kisses her forehead. He acts possessive and says Mayura is his forever and sleeps by her side. After he sleeps, Mayura opens her eyes and thinks she will find some way to escape. She slowly gets up from bed and also gets the keys. She gets nervous but carefully leaves the room but gets shocked seeing Omkar in hall.

Precap – Omkar drags Mayura and locks her in a cage while Piyush looks on.