Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Upcoming Story : Omkar builts new clinic for Mayura.

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The episode starts with Mayura getting excited about her results seeing Piyush coming! He says her she not only passed but topped the exams, and calls her Dr Mayura. Mayura shows her results to Manjiri and Megha happily.

Ashutosh and family are excited about Mayura’ s results and decides to surprise Mayura by going to her inlaws house.
Mayura happily shows her certificate to Omkar and he tells her she is now Dr Mayura Omkar Shukla. Mayura says it was her childhood dream to become doctor and now she wants to live her dream and serve patients and treat them with sweet homeopathy medicines. Omkar tells Mayura she won’t work at any hospital, Mayura is shocked and then tells she is scared. Piyush tells Omkar to let Mayura fulfil her dream. Mayura tells Megha if she remembers how in childhood Mayura always played role of homeopathy doctor.

Omkar tells Mayura she should take of household and family members. Mayura tells Omkar not to take decisions about her job. Mayura ‘s family members come and her mother and grandma starts scolding Mayura for talking rudely to Omkar. Even Ashutosh says Mayura that she shouldnt speak in such tone to Omkar.

Omkar tells Mayura to stop crying and tells that he is going outside and will be back after she stops crying. Manjiri tells them she is happy for Mayura passing exams but their family has some prestige and Mayura should not talk about going to work outside. Mayura ‘s parents again try to make her understand that she should talk politely to her husband and inlaws. Asuthosh tells her Omkar is an understanding man so she should talk to him and he will definitely understand.
Piyush tries to make Omkar realize about Mayura’s dream.

Mayura comes to her room and sees some medicine bottles kept on dressing table with notes sorry, smile please. Omkar enters inside and tells her to smile and jokes saying her anger is high but still didn’t reach his height. Omkar pick up Mayura in arms and takes her to show the new clinic he has built for her. She is stunned to see the huge name board and clinic and happily hugs him! She is overwhelmed and keeps thanking Omkar. Mayura admirer her name plate placed on table .

Mayura kisses Omkar on cheeks to thank him, Piyush enters and gifts a red rose to Mayura and congratulates her. Omkar tells Piyush to take care of Mayura and he goes outside…
Omkar talks to himself saying his mother suffered a lot while working in past so he won’t let Mayura suffer . He says the clinic is built by Mayura’s choice but will run by his rules, and then the sign board on clinic is shown as ‘for ladies only’.

Precap – Megha shows Mayura the sign board and she is shocked by seeing it and questions Omkar about it .