Pishachini 10th August 2022 Written Update: Rocky gets determined to meet Pishachini


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The episode starts with Pavitra entering the house along with Rocky and Pishachini watching them sticking on the wall. Inside Rajput family is having a talk. Sudhakar praises Partik’s achievement in the last 20 years. Pratik says that he also lost many things. He says that he doesn’t know if he did right 20 years ago. Rocky’s mother asks to not talk about the past on the occasion of the marriage.

Meanwhile Nikkita and Pavitra having a talk. Pavitra wishes to see Nikkita’s fiance. Nikkita says to Pavitra that she can’t meet her fiance till their marriage, but she can meet him. She shows her fiance to Pavitra. Nikkita’s fiance moves away when Pavitra sees that way. She sees Rocky and misunderstands that he’s Nikkita’s fiance. She wonders how Nikkita liked him. Other hand Pishachini is finding Pavitra. Babu ji notices a dog running away getting scared. He sees a girl (Pishachini) and goes after her. Pishachini disappears.

Pishachini manages to find Pavitra’s room and comes in. Pavitra is praying to Hanuman’s photo frame. Pishachini ‘s eyes turn green and her nails grow bigger and her long hair fly. She tries to capture Pavitra with her hair. Pavitra suddenly turns around feeling someone’s presence. Pavitra sees on the floor the long black hair moving. She goes to see who she is. Pishachini comes near Pavitra and whispers something in her hear. Pavitra doesn’t find anyone and looks on confused while Pishachini watches her standing on the top of the room door.

Babu ji tells his family about what he saw. Sudhakar says that he is maybe having hallucinations. Babu ji notifies that there’s no any God’s photo in Pratik’s house. Other hand Pratik feels guilty to call his family lying here. He decides to tell them the truth. He is about to leave the room, but stops getting scared seeing Pishachini hanging upside down in front of the room.

Pavitra sees Rocky flirting with a girl. She decides to tell Nikkita about him. Rocky notices Pavitra and stammers to say her name. Pavitra walks away. Back to Pratik’s room, Pishachini says that Pratik can’t do anything without her knowledge and can’t be alive after doing anything like that. She asks him to make her wear earrings. Pratik obliges. She says that he have learned his lessons in the last twenty yeras, he would thought of deceiving her. She scares them showing her pishachini attire and forces them to move towards the door to see Nikkita. She says that she put a permanent garland around her neck. A FB shows. In the late Pishachini comes to Nikka who is sleeping. She takes a hair of her and chants some mantra. She blows it. The hair gets inside Nikkita’s throat. FB ends. Pishachini tells some mantra and Nikkita starts feeling suffocating. Pratik and Amrita cry and say that they won’t tell anything to the family. Pishachini stops her mantra. She warns them if they tell the truth to the Rajput, they have to loss their daughter.

Pavitra comes to Nikkita and tells that her fiance is cheating her. Rocky is exploring the forest along with his cousins. Pishachini is following them. Rocky tells them about meeting a girl from London. He also tells about seeing a mysterious girl and says that she could be Pishachini. He says that she saw her here, but missed to see her. He gets determined to meet herher and fulfill his wishes using her like Pratik did. Pishachini comes closer to Rocky when he sits emerging his back to a tree.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pishachini hypnotises Rocky. Pavitra gets determined to trap Rocky. Pishachini says that no one can do nothing. Pishachini dances in Nikkita’s sangeet. Babu ji gets shocked seeing Pishachini.

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