Pishachini 11th August 2022 Written Update: Pishachini fumes in rage seeing Pavitra and Rocky coming closer


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The episode starts with Rocky’s cousin scaring Rocky. She says that Rocky’s wish to meet Pishachini can be fulfilled as she heard Dada ji saying to the family that Pratik is hiding something and he called them lying to them. Rocky says to let go and find Pishachini. Sachin asks Rocky to stop joking. Rocky’s cousins leave. Rocky is about to leave, but stops hearing a girl laughing. Pishachini comes there. Rocky spots her and follows her. He is about to touch Pishachini’s shoulder. Pavitra calls out to Rocky. Pishachini disappears. She sits on the high branch of the tree and watches them. Pavitra has put the camera recording on to prove to Nikki he is a playboy. Pavitra acts to flirt with him. Rocky invites Pavitra for a dinner to have talk.

Pavitra says to let talk now. She holds Rocky’s hand and says that he can express his feelings in this beautiful place. Rocky says that she’s more beautiful than this place. They both share eyelock. Pavitra comes to her sense and says that it’s enough for now. Rocky’s cousins come looking for Rocky. They call him for Nikita sangeet. Rocky looks back at Pavitra before leaving. Rocky’s Cousins tease him about Pavitra. The latter thinks that Nikita has to believe her now.

Amrita presents gifts to Rocky’s mother and Bubbly gifts. Rocky’s mother hesitates to accept the gifts. Amrita convinces her. Bubbly takes a saree and enters a room to check the mirror. Amrita gets tensed and tries to get her out from there. Bubbly gets excited to see lot of clothes and makeup accessories kept there. She takes few accessories for herself and leave. Amrita looks on scared.

Rocky’s cousins tease Rocky with Pavitra. Rocky proudly says that he impressed Pavitra in short-term that she was flirting with him. Meanwhile Pavitra tells Nikita that she was acting to flirt with her fiance, but he was really flirting with her without shame. She asks her to see the video recording for the proof. Nikita sees only a leaf and shows this to Pavitra. The latter wonders how the leaf covered the camera. She gets determined to prove him flirt before the day end.

Pishachini recalls Pavitra and says that she can’t stop her. She says that Rocky will get trapped and will be mesmerized in her long hair. She laughs. Meanwhile Pavitra decides to trap Rocky in the Sangeet. Pratik and Amrita find Babu ji sitting tensed. They ask him if he is fine. Babu ji says that he is fine. Babu ji asks if he said truth to Sudhakar, if Pishachini isn’t really here. He asks to answer by swearing on him. He places Pratik’s hand on his head. Pratik lies that Pishachini isn’t here. Babu ji gets happy and says that now he can happily take part in his granddaughter’s sangeet.

Pavitra gets ready for the sangeet. She says that Rocky won’t be able to resist on seeing her killer look and he will get exposed. She has difficulty to tie her blouse string by herself. She calls out for help. Rocky comes in and helps. He leaves before Pavitra can see him. Pavitra wonders who helped and wonders if it’s not Rocky.

Rocky and his cousins arrive at the sangeet ceremony. Rocky and Pavitra see each other. They approach each other. Pavitra thinks that no one can save him from her. Rocky thinks that she’s looking at him romantically. The music plays. All dance on the song nachde ne saare. Pavitra asks the DJ to change the song. Pavitra sees Nikita dancing with someone else and wonders with whom she’s dancing. She thinks that maybe she wants to make her fiance feel jealous. She thinks of helping her. Pavitra dances with Rocky on the song gore gore se chore. Rocky and Pavitra share a romantic eyelock towards the end of the song. Rocky compliments her eyes. Pishachini looks at them fuming in rage

The episode ends.

Precap: Babu ji gets shocked seeing Pishachini in Nikita’s Sangeet. Pavitra wonders who is Pishachini. Rocky lifts up Pishachini in his arms and takes her to the room. Babu ji springs holi water on Pishachini.

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