Pishachini 15th August 2022 Written Update: Dada ji tells Pavitra about her grandfather


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The episode starts with Pavitra having a nightmare in which Pishachini tries to kill her and waking up startled. She looks at Hanumanji’s frame and prays for her protection. Rocky along with his cousins are going into the woods to find Pishachini. His sister says that Pishachini is attracted to flowers fragrance. Rocky prays perfume on himself. Pishachini smells the fragrance. She walks on the branches looking at Rocky and his cousins. Shikha falls down and Sachin and Rocky’s sister help her to get up. They turn around and they don’t find Rocky.

Other hand Pishachini comes closer seeing him alone. She’s about to touch his shoulder. Rocky moves forward and holds Pavitra’s hand. They both fall on the ground and rolls down. They share an eye lock. They realize their position and get up. They ask each other what they’re doing here. Pavitra says that she heard a voice and came. Rocky says that he has come looking for Pishachini. They start argue. Pavitra asks why he smells lady’s perfume. Rocky says that he wanted to attract Pishachini using this. Dad ji calls out to Rocky and scolds him for roaming in the woods in the late night. They all go back.

Vidya says that she read in a book that around Pishachini flowers will be scattered. Rocky and his cousins leave. Pavitra turns around and finds flowers scattered. Dad ji comes to Pavitra and asks her to come. Pavitra asks if Vidya saying the truth. Dada ji says that she’s their guest so her protection is their responsibility, once the marriage will end she will leave to London whereas they will return to Bareli. Pavitra says that she is also from Bareli. Dada ji asks what her parents name, he may know them.

Pavitra says that her parents are died 20 years ago. She shows her parents and her grandfather photo. She says that her grandfather name is Pandit Deen Dayal Sharma. Dada ji gets shocked on seeing the photo. It’s revealed that Pavitra’s grandfather is the priest who captured Pishachini in the holy box. Dada ji says that he knows him and says that he supported them in their difficulty when all give up on them. Pavitra asks Dada ji to tell about her grandfather. Dada ji avoids to answer by asking her to go and rest as the next day is Nikita wedding.

Pishachini comes to Pratik and Amrita who are sleeping. She wakes them up and asks to manage that she goes to Bareli the next day. Pratik says that for that someone should take the container along with them. Pishachini says that she decided that Pavitra will take her to Barely. The morning Dada ji and Pavitra perform Puja. Dada ji praises Pavitra for following indian tradition despite being brought up in London. He says that she’s real granddaughter of Pandit. Pavitra wishes that he could be there with her. Dada ji agrees with Pavitra and says that he was snatched from them. Pavitra asks who snatched him. Dada ji refuses to answer her.

Pavitra requests Dada ji to clear the mystery about her parents and her grandfather dead which even her aunt refuses to tell her. Pavitra gives her grandfather swears asking to tell her the truth. Dada ji agrees to tell her. He says that her grandfather has the power to capture evil spirits and says that he sought his help to capture Pishachini. He tells her what all happened 20 years from her grandfather capturing Pishachini in a holy box and Pratik and Amrita running away taking that box. A FB shows that Pavitra, her parents and her grandfather are going in the car.

Pishachini attacks them. She hypnotizes Pavitra’s dad and he loses control of the car. The priest throws the baby (Pavitra) out of the car when the car is about to hit a truck. The baby falls in the among the procession of the devotees of Hanuman. FB ends. Dada ji says that she might not remember anything as she was a kid. Pavitra says that she remembers certain things. She remembers her grandfather asking her to put an end to her before dying. Pavitra says that Pishachini is still behind them and Dada ji asked her to destroy Pishachini.

Dada ji says that it’s very dangerous. Pavitra says that running away isn’t solution. Dada ji asks what she wants to do. Pavitra recalls her grandfather asking to complete his incomplete work. Pavitra says that the other day Hanumanji saved her and he will show her way ahead. She gets determined to destroy Pishachini and vows to not let anyone become her victim anymore. Meanwhile Pishachini is with Rock’s who is sleeping. She says that she promised to make him hers as only he can fulfill his dream.

The episode ends.

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