Pishachini 19th September 2022 Written Update: Rocky mistrusts Pavitra


Pishachini 19th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rocky asking Dadaji where he was, if he is fine. Dadaji nods yes. Pavitra looks at Dadaji puzzled. Rocky glares at Pavitra. She asks him to believe that she saw Dadaji captured in the photo frame. Rocky angrily walks out. Vidya becomes suspicious seeing Rani happily dancing and tells Bubly that Rani doesn’t seem like she has just lost her family. Bubly says that maybe she’s trying to forget her sorrow by being happy. Just then, Shikha joins Rani and dances. The family is surprised to see Shikha happily. Vidya notifies that Shikha’s mark isn’t visible. Bubly says that Shikha must have worn heavy make-up to hide. The family join them in their dance.

Pavitra asks Dadaji how he came out of the photo frame. A FB shows. Pavitra leaves to find a way to release Dadaji from the photo frame. Amrita and Pratik arrive there with Shikha. They ask him to blink his eyes if he wants them to release him. They threaten to kill Shikha to force him to blink his eyes. Dadaji blinks his eyes. Pratik and Amrita reveal that they have become Pishach. Dadaji says that he won’t let them turn anyone else from his family into Pishach. He asks Shikha if she’s fine.

Shikha laughs and discloses that she is the one who invited Pishachini into their house. Dadaji says that he will expose them to the family. Shikha says that they won’t let him leave. Pratik says that Dadaji should come on their side. Dadaji says that he should have taken a favor from them to control him. Pratik reminds Dadaji that they helped him to get out of the photo frame. Dadaji looks shocked to hear this. Pavitra asks Dadaji why he is quiet. Dadaji reveals and transforms into Pishach. Pavitra is stunned.

Rocky is thinking about Pavitra’s words. Rani comes there. She asks Rocky to join the Sangeet. Rocky tells her to go, he will join her later. Rani says that Rocky seems worried and urges him to tell her what is bothering him. She asks if Pavitra isn’t responsible for his tension, as she has noticed that they have both disappeared from the Sangeet. Rocky says that Pavitra is talking about rubbish and he also believed. He regrets it. Rani says that Pavitra thinks that she is Pishachini.

There, Dadaji tells Pavitra how good he feels after becoming Pishach and asks her to become a Pishach too. Pavitra feels pity for Dadaji. She refuses to fall into Rani’s trap and leaves. Here Rani says to Rocky that Pavitra said the same to Himani. She puts up an emotional act. She says that she feels bad for Pavitra, who thinks that she’s Pishachini and she killed her parents and now she will attack Rocky. Just then, Pavitra comes there and confronts Rani for transforming Dadaji into Pishach. Rocky stands in front of Rani and asks Pavitra to stop her nonsense.

Pavitra says that she will prove that Rani is Pishachini. She says that Rani will transform into Pishachini as soon as she touches her with her hand which has the mark. Rani remembers transforming into her real form when Pavitra touched her. She gets scared. Rocky holds Pavitra’s hand, preventing her from touching Rani. He asks Pavitra to go back to London. Pavitra is shocked to hear this. Rocky takes Rani from there. Pavitra watches this helplessly.

Rani says to Rocky to forget Pavitra and tries to instigate him against Pavitra. She says that Pavitra can’t give happiness, but she can. Meanwhile, Pavitra cries out in front of God’s photo frame for help. Here Rocky says that he is unable to stop thinking about Pavitra. Rani does magic in a juice glass and offers it to Rocky so that he forgets Pavitra forever.

The episode ends.

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