Pishachini 21st December 2022 Written Update: Rocky tricks Pavitra to find out her plan


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The episode starts with Rocky waking up. The Rajputs arrive there. Rocky sees the room’s condition and asks what is happening here, if there’s any film shooting going on. Rocky sees Pavitra’s wounds on her face and mocks her, saying that they both resemble each other now. He leaves, taking Rani along with him. Pavitra thinks that Rocky ignores what’s happening around him once he falls asleep, so, Kanika is right, she can only give Rocky the injection when he sleeps. 

The next day, Dadaji, who is working, faints. Sudhakar and Bubli see this. Sudhakar holds Dadaji. Maddy sees this and leaves. Pavitra gets food and water for them. Sudhakar refuses to eat as Sapna hasn’t had food for two days. Dadaji says to Sudhakar how he can fight Rani if he falls weak. Pavitra says that she is sacred that they have to fight, not only against Rani, but Rocky too, as he is with her. She worries that she has only one day to save her husband. Sudhakar reassures Pavitra that she will win this time too and they will definitely get Rocky back. Rani asks the Rajputs to work fast as only one day is left for her wedding and leaves. Pavitra says to Vidya that their plan got spoiled because of Rani. Shikha says to Bubli that she’s not sure that their plan would have worked even if Rani didn’t interrupt, as Sapna is still inside the wall and she would have lightened the diya. 

Sudhakar asks Kanika if Sapna will be fine inside the wall. Vidya says to Pavitra that they should attack Rani now. Pavitra says that Rocky will support Rani and asks if they will be able to attack Rocky. Bubli says to Shikha that if they don’t do anything, Rani will marry Rocky and then she will torture them for their whole life or trap them inside the wall. Kanika assures them that they will win in the end. Pavitra asks the Rajputs to be alert as anything can happen at anytime. She says that they can’t make any mistakes as it’s their last chance. Rani commands the Rajputs again to do the work fast. Rocky arrives and says that it’s good to see them making arrangements for their wedding. Rani teleports herself next to Rocky and shares with him that she doubts the Rajputs are planning something. Rocky says that then they have to clear the mystery. Rani says to Rocky that he knows what to do. 

Kanika and Pavitra go to baby Pishach’s room. Kanika takes the weapons they collected. Kanika says that they should give everyone weapons as they may need them anytime. Pavitra says that it’s perfect. She says that Rani won’t get suspicious and no one will get caught if everyone stays in their place with a hidden weapon instead of gathering. Kanika says that she will secretly put the weapon in everyone’s room and is about to leave. But baby pishach holds Kanika’s hand. Pavitra is shocked to see this and asks the baby Pishach to leave her hand. The baby pishach obliges, which suprises Pavitra and Kanikan. Kanika sees the baby pishach’s hand mark on her hand. She asks Pavitra how baby pishach listened to her. Pavitra says that she doesn’t know, but they don’t have time for that. 

Pavitra hides the weapons in everyone’s room. Kanika goes to Pavitra. The latter asks Kanika why there’s no weapon in her room. Kanika walks with difficulty towards Pavitra and falls. Pavitra holds Kanika and is shocked to see that Kanika is stabbed in the back. Kanika asks Pavitra to complete the plan with her and asks if she remembers what to do and asks her to say. On the other hand, Rocky is looking at his shining ring and hopes that Pavitra will tell her plan. Here, Kanika urges Pavitra to tell her the plan one time. Pavitra is about to tell her the plan, but she notices there’s no baby pishach’s hand mark on Kanika’s hand and sees her ring is shining. Pavitra says that she won’t fall into the trap and says that she’s not Kanika, but just an illusion. Kanika disappears. Rocky’s ring stops shining. Kanika goes to Pavitra and asks with whom she was talking. Pavitra looks at Kanika’s and sees the baby pishach’s hand mark. She confirms that she’s Kanika. She hugs her crying. Kanika asks if everything is going according to their plan. Pavitra says that she almost revealed their plan. There, Rocky says to Rani that Pavitra became aware just before telling her plan and stopped. He further says that, however, he learned  that she’s planning something and says that one day is left for their wedding, so Pavitra can’t do anything in that short time. Pavitra says that they have only one night to save Rocky and the night will decide who will win. 

The episode ends. 

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