Pishachini 21st November 2022 Written Update: Pavitra attacks the zombies using her divine power


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The episode starts with Kanika saying to the Rajputs that they have to leave immediately. Rocky asks how they can go as their car has been getting attacked by zombies.Kanika says that they have to find a shelter for that night as zombies get their power from the sun, so they can’t attack them after sunset. Pavitra says that they have to find a house in the village to stay in. Kanika says that they should leave without making any noise else the zombies will get alert. The Rajputs try to move away slowly. Bubli places her feet on a broken tree branch. The zombies get alerted on hearing the cracking sound of the branch. They move towards them. Pavitra asks the Rajputs not to move and to keep holding their breath. They oblige. The zombies walk passing them. But Bubli sneezes, which alerts the zombies again and they turn towards the Rajputs. The Rajputs run from there. 

At the Rajputs’ mansion, Dadaji is trying to open the door and to go out of the room. So  Sudhakar ties a holy threat to the handle of the door. Sudhakar and Sapna feel relieved that they are saved when Dadaji stops trying to open the door. They leave. Inside the room, Dadaji smiles, looking at the window which is left open. Here, the Rajputs find an empty house and decide to stay there. They are all tired. Bubli feels thirsty, but there is no water in the house. So Pavitra  decides to go out and get water. Rocky gets adamant to accompany Pavitra and the latter ends up agreeing. Shikha pees outside, wondering whether Rani is alive or not. She sees the flowers which represent Rani’s presence scattered on the ground and is happy realizing that Rani is alive. 

Pavitra and Rocky get water from the river. While returning, they are shocked to see long black hair hanging from the tree. They say Rani and go to check it. They go near the tree and don’t find any hair, so they think that they had a misconception. Rani is watching them hiding. She scratches Rocky’s hand with her nails. Rocky shouts in pain. He thinks that he got pricked by a thorn. Pavitra wonders how a banyan tree could have thorn. Just then, they see the zombies approaching them. They run from there. The zombies chase them. 

Sapna tries to contact the Rajputs, but she’s unable to connect with them. Sudhakar asks Sapna not to scare them by telling them about what happened here if she talks to them. He says that Dadaji can’t come out of his room as they tied the holy threat to the door’s handle. Sapna asks how long they can keep him captured. Just then, Dadaji arrives there. He says laughing that no one can capture him. 

Pavitra and Rocky are chased by zombies. Pavitra stops running and says that she has the divine power and she should try once to stop the zombies. There, Dadaji tries to attack Sudhakar and Sapna. They both run inside the temple of their house and Dadaji isn’t able to enter it. Here, Pavitra attacks the zombies using her divine power. Pavitra and Rocky run from there. The zombies surround Pavitra and Rocky. Pavitra prays to God to help them. Pavitra and Rocky see the sunset and recall Kanika’s words. They slowly move from there without making any noise. 

The Rajputs are worrying about Rocky and Pavitra who haven’t returned. Shiksha makes the excuse of going to find Rocky and Pavitra and goes out alone as zombies can’t attack her alone. Shiksha goes in front of the tree. She says that she knows Rani is here. She says that she doesn’t know what her plan is. She reminds Rani of her deal with her. She says to Rani that this is a good opportunity to kill Pavitra and asks her to do what she wants soon. Pavitra and Rocky are shown to change the car’s tyres while Rani is shown hanging upside down the tree. 

The episode ends. 

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